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Not depressed; my hermit power levels are just rising.

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  • Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very relatable

    Obsydian04Obsydian0417 kun oldin
    • yes.

      ShatteredShatteredKun oldin
    • 100%

      Jackson BarnwellJackson Barnwell4 kun oldin
    • How I always feel

      cooking by liamcooking by liam4 kun oldin
    • Agreed

      Chaos drillChaos drill8 kun oldin
    • Super pooper

      HiHi9 kun oldin
  • Me 2 days ago

    goldy gaminggoldy gaming5 soat oldin
  • ‘ girl nooo!” That whine took me out 😂😂

    Ma`atMa`at13 soat oldin
  • Swoozie is my spirit animal. Hermit crab.

    Hamsini RHamsini R14 soat oldin
  • Yes sWooZie this be happening to us too 😪

    AnastasiaAnastasia16 soat oldin
  • Hermit since August

    Mech VRZMech VRZ16 soat oldin
  • i really love how im watching this i and i have my clipboard and i check of everything thats relatable and theres no more room on the page....

    Maybe?Maybe?18 soat oldin
  • Swoozie's feeling a bit woozy.😂 Puns are too beautiful.

    Khut KhutKhut Khut19 soat oldin
  • I promise I can relate

    Kiki MusikKiki MusikKun oldin
  • omg this made me realize that i haven't spoken to a non-family member irl for 3 months...

    ShatteredShatteredKun oldin
  • Go for the gym man or do something your lazy asf boy

    Eliott CzyrekEliott CzyrekKun oldin
  • Y’all are insisting it’s depression but that may not be correct. There are many issues that cause extreme fatigue. If you also have low mood or negative self-talk it may be depression. If not, it could be a sleep issue, vitamin/nutritional deficiency, etc.

    S JS JKun oldin
  • Bruh this is me on every single level😂

    i RussainPenguini RussainPenguinKun oldin
  • You can also see how much non effort he put into this video

    Alien boyAlien boyKun oldin
  • this would be very relatable...if I had any friends

    James CooperJames CooperKun oldin
  • Holy this is relatable my friends will invite me then when the day comes I don't want to come

    Hayes GordonHayes GordonKun oldin
  • It’s so bad that if I cry I could die from the stress and pain it would cause to my heart

    Waleed BajwaWaleed BajwaKun oldin
  • Somehow I got very lucky and they were able to cut the bursted part and attach the rest of the being directly into my heart

    Waleed BajwaWaleed BajwaKun oldin
  • My heart was too stressed and my pulmonary veins burst open and that is the only vein that carried oxygenated blood and that is the being that gives your body oxygen

    Waleed BajwaWaleed BajwaKun oldin
  • Swooze this is early depression treat it now please otherwise It’ll grow and eat you I know I was officially diagnosed with clinical depression the worst type when I was 6 but to an extent it was still manageable if I took take care of myself but I stop caring and my pain didn’t stop either and so it grew and then when I was 14 I had a heart attack because my heart couldn’t take the pain anymore

    Waleed BajwaWaleed BajwaKun oldin
  • I thought this was going to be one of those where I agree the whole way through and at the end you switch it up and tell me if I'm feeling all this maybe im xyz

    Сщькфву ЫефдштСщькфву ЫефдштKun oldin
  • I’ve gotten so lazy that I don’t play my games anymore because I get to tired of trying new or just overall press the buttons

    Junk_ BearJunk_ BearKun oldin
  • did this man just put a dutch sentence in his video 0:44

    Jannick BoudewijnJannick BoudewijnKun oldin
  • This video sounds like my entire personality which means Swoozie is definitely depressed.

    Under15Under152 kun oldin
  • You okay swooz?🥺

    Castron NomadCastron Nomad2 kun oldin
  • Same but with school

    Indo axolotlIndo axolotl2 kun oldin
  • 😭😭 honestly I missed being depression cause now I cope with my depression by working hard 24/7 which isn't any BETTER.

    KID 90KID 902 kun oldin
  • I think it emotional numbness, I feel the same o don’t even want to hang with my friends and I’m a extrovert

    Joseph HandJoseph Hand2 kun oldin
  • Tb to the first sWooZie vids I watch way back bro so good🤩🤩

    Isak HöglundIsak Höglund3 kun oldin
  • I'm just double shecking🤪😅😅😅😅😅

    King DavidKing David3 kun oldin
  • Just realized the entire time I’ve been watching every video that you make faithfully that I forgot to sub…. I’m subbed now

    Sasha WestSasha West3 kun oldin
    • Ngl it’s been at least a year

      Sasha WestSasha West3 kun oldin
  • bruv thats depression

    jo222jo2223 kun oldin
  • This is too relatable bro. Used to be so social but now I only feel social when I need to (school).

    DTFDTF3 kun oldin
  • I believe this might be just a burnout. Everyone always thinks everything is about Depression. You can experience these symptoms without actually having Depression guys. There's nothing wrong with going through a funk or wind down. It'll pass if you want it to.

    C uhh heese CuffC uhh heese Cuff3 kun oldin
  • Drinking game, take a shot every time he says "I think there's something wrong with me"

    Monster Duck 4x4Monster Duck 4x43 kun oldin
  • the first thing that came to mind is that you’re in a committed relationship

    itsyaboimikeyyyitsyaboimikeyyy3 kun oldin
  • Bruh I be having days when I'm too lazy to even play videogames too

    Josh GomezJosh Gomez3 kun oldin
  • this video hits different when your literaly laying in bed eating cereal

    RobotbillRobotbill3 kun oldin
  • It’s most likely burn out people associate burn out with work but this isn’t always the case

    Kenley WhiteKenley White3 kun oldin
  • Hermit game on STRAP 😪😴😴

    TskyTsky4 kun oldin
  • I think there’s something wrong w me 😢😮‍💨😔😔

    Dawone Diggs JrDawone Diggs Jr4 kun oldin
  • Me with school

    Ghost PlugGhost Plug4 kun oldin
  • he sound like he’s recording while lying on his bed🦥🦥

    Moana PeleMoana Pele4 kun oldin
  • wtf

    Cringey KidCringey Kid4 kun oldin
  • I didn't choose this Hermit life. The Hermit life chose me.

    Brandon LeagueBrandon League4 kun oldin
  • I just love being alone in my bed. I do love hanging out with my friend and even driving around with my mom. I'll talk with these people and get food with them, but I always feel the most at peace isolated. Maybe things will change when I get a girlfriend; she might help me become a social butterfly

    Dune InkDune Ink4 kun oldin
  • Swoozie im going thru the same thing and even tho you probably wont see this in the 4.9k comments. You're not alone! We got this! :)

    Emmy MaEmmy Ma4 kun oldin
  • How I always feel

    cooking by liamcooking by liam4 kun oldin
  • my social battery has been TINY since the pandemic and it used to be MASSIVEEE, but now i spend half of the next day recuperating after a 4 hour outing the night before....

    Andrea EscalanteAndrea Escalante4 kun oldin
  • It’s fine. Social batteries do be dead these days. I don’t even want to get up to feed myself😂

    Astrid JassoAstrid Jasso4 kun oldin
  • You'll be okay swooz, praying for your power up.❤

    Keisha NarisKeisha Naris4 kun oldin
  • nah that's the trinidadian in you lmao

    CamovanCamovan4 kun oldin
  • what software do you use to make your animations

    RoyalericRoyaleric4 kun oldin
  • This dude repeated his point like 20 times lol

    Msdj JdndnMsdj Jdndn4 kun oldin
  • Felt

    Samir KnightsSamir Knights4 kun oldin
  • F’real tho Swoozie, I hope you feel better and take some time for yourself! The panamorama has taken a toll physically and mentally on everyone under the sun. Stay depressed free, brother! ❤️

    LennoxrenolLennoxrenol4 kun oldin
  • Unpopular opinion: Cinnamon Toast Crunch sucks

    Zaid Al-omariZaid Al-omari5 kun oldin
  • This is me bro😂

    war pathwar path5 kun oldin
  • We call this the Pandemic Blues 😞 🌧 We are feelin the EXACT same way Swooze. You are not alone 💗

    Strauberry _87Strauberry _875 kun oldin
  • This..

    Danni BaileyDanni Bailey5 kun oldin
  • WHY IS THIS MEEEE: edit: I have found someone who understands me!!!!!!!!!

    Kelli WallaceKelli Wallace5 kun oldin
  • 🤔

    Logan ManaloLogan Manalo5 kun oldin
  • No your not alone sir😂😂😂😂

    demond whitedemond white5 kun oldin
  • How much are you tired

    ZackZack5 kun oldin
  • Much love

    CloudfinraptorCloudfinraptor6 kun oldin
  • Bro they need a service that just feeds u trust

    Annmarie GordonAnnmarie Gordon6 kun oldin
  • covid making us antisocial and essentially depressed

    AniemalAniemal6 kun oldin
  • Am just double checkin

    Kyrian ThompsonKyrian Thompson6 kun oldin
  • yes

    Rachael SinnRachael Sinn6 kun oldin
  • Depression 101.

    MrCrammerMrCrammer6 kun oldin
  • Microsoft is for sure drunk

    EezyGang EEezyGang E6 kun oldin
  • Omg help

    Savvy714Savvy7146 kun oldin
  • Seeeee, I just call this depression, but anti-social club sounds cooler so I'mma start using that instead LMAO

    lionblaze210lionblaze2106 kun oldin
  • Your hermitness sounds like depression. I hope your okay.

    mishmashmixofstuffmishmashmixofstuff6 kun oldin
  • I feel the same

    Random ChatRandom Chat6 kun oldin
  • Depression. Have had it all my life and it sucks. Covid def made it worse.

    FionaAppleFionaApple6 kun oldin
  • My excuse is I live with constant social anxiety so I have to keep human interactions to a minimum. 99.998% of the time I love being a hermit.

    Maria PaulaMaria Paula6 kun oldin
  • Bro this has been me for the past month!!

    MasterskibumMasterskibum6 kun oldin
  • Same dude, same :s

    Diana CDiana C6 kun oldin
  • please... it's asocial... you mean asocial... you have so many views and subs... please...

    dRNAdRNA6 kun oldin
  • Something is wrong with me I always feel tired and down like what is going on?

    SharpClawZSharpClawZ6 kun oldin
  • Get your testosterone levels checked my guy. It could be low which could be the culprit. Upside to if it is, you can get some juice prescribed to you and stack on some nice looking muscle mass

    TaskForce 1419TaskForce 14196 kun oldin
  • 'First world problems'

    SoullessMadnessSoullessMadness6 kun oldin
  • I don't do memes on instagram anymore really and I always eat cereal in bed lol.

    AlexifeuLPAlexifeuLP7 kun oldin
  • If it's not Depression then maybe Apathy?

    EnemyEnemy7 kun oldin
  • *If I got a Pennie for every time Swoozie said I'm just checking I would be richer than Disney.* But for real, dude you good..? Maybe you're depressed I mean I know you made a video after this one but still, I'm concerned.

    Joreatha Crowder?Joreatha Crowder?7 kun oldin
  • Yea ok at first I related but when I’m hanging out with friends i don’t wanna go home

    PlazmovPlazmov7 kun oldin
  • I kept hearing "something must be wrong with me" I thought it was on repeat for a moment lol

    Matt Candy ProductionsMatt Candy Productions7 kun oldin
  • Someone count how many times he said "I think there's something wrong with me."

    CLUB Y5CLUB Y57 kun oldin
  • Good it’s not just me that eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch all day Bc that stuff bussin

    Space PrinceSpace Prince7 kun oldin
  • I can relate man. I’m an introvert as it is, but I have trouble socializing and wanting to make time for anything other than video games now.

    MmmChestnutMmmChestnut7 kun oldin
  • Earf another good one

    Gogeto king of saiyens god of powerGogeto king of saiyens god of power7 kun oldin
  • Over cwwwwwwwwwwwwwelmd

    Gogeto king of saiyens god of powerGogeto king of saiyens god of power7 kun oldin
  • bro your just burnt out eventually you'll get better

    Orange TuberOrange Tuber7 kun oldin
  • this is depression, swooz. i have similar feelings and it’s so hard to break the cycle. keep trying though!

    Ashley KlugAshley Klug7 kun oldin
  • I feel for ya no energy? yep that's me like in general social activity hahaha lockdown lock down my soul

    HanyoHanyo7 kun oldin
  • Very relatable and I’m sure it is for a lot of other people as well💙💙

    VanillaBeanVanillaBean7 kun oldin
  • Hey, swoozie, it's okay man. You don't have to go nowhere. You ain't got to post no videos. Just work on you, man.

    Adam XeiAdam Xei8 kun oldin
  • Like Eric once said "I don't wanna dance but I'd still like to be invited to it" lol

    Anthony RiveraAnthony Rivera8 kun oldin
  • My friends better give me a good reason to get up from this comfortable couch 😪

    SoraSora8 kun oldin