Final Jeopardy! 10/11/21 Plus Exclusive Overheard On Set Clip | JEOPARDY!


You saw the big moment. Now, find out what was said when the microphones kept recording after Matt Amodio’s last Final Jeopardy!

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  • wait, all the applause during this part is fake???

    Europa BambaataaEuropa Bambaataa7 kun oldin
  • Jonathan's no slouch himself. He's already won 6 in a row as of today.

    mbd501mbd5018 kun oldin
  • I feel sorry for Jessica. She's probably good enough to win some games herself, but her one game was against these two. Maybe they'll give her another shot some day.

    mbd501mbd5018 kun oldin
  • Mayim is a terrific host.

    icecreamheadacheicecreamheadache9 kun oldin
  • Jeopardy question. He was very smart when it came to geography and history.

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt11 kun oldin
  • Blossom got a new gig

    John ReeseJohn Reese11 kun oldin
  • You know, Mayum is growing on me. I REALLY like her as the host!! If they aren't going to call up Levar Burton, then make Mayim permanent host!!

    BJ PalmerBJ Palmer12 kun oldin
  • Well, Matt's run may be over, but I have a feeling we're gonna see him again someday.

    JonesDylan874JonesDylan87412 kun oldin
  • It was bound to happen at one point or another, but that doesn’t make it sting any less. But don’t worry - something tells me he’s gonna be back!

    Whgu ybnmWhgu ybnm12 kun oldin
    • awe of the wide variety of deep and often obscure knowledge he possesses. And I loved his strategy of going to the bottom of the board and working his way up. I can’t recall

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt11 kun oldin
  • Damn you spoiler alert, it wasn't fun to watch Matt get defeated. Matt, you did a MARVELOUS job and see you in the Tournament of Champions!

    ken karwoskiken karwoski12 kun oldin
  • Matt, you had a great run! May your legacy live on in Jeopardy History! I hope Jonathan Fisher kills it too. He’s got the makes to be a great player.

    sotuur aeeisotuur aeei12 kun oldin
  • Matt = class act!

    foopyu noouifoopyu nooui13 kun oldin
    • It was the one game I missed ! So sad to see him go but look forward to Tournament of Champions .What a scolar and gentleman .CHEERS Matt

      Whgu ybnmWhgu ybnm12 kun oldin
  • Matt lost his spark and timing today. He played like he just gave up. Sad to see him go. Now I don't have to watch. Until he comes back for the tournament.

    chding zuurechding zuure13 kun oldin
  • Of course i was hoping Matt would continue. What a joy to watch. I also agree with Matt that Mayim Bialik does a great job as Jeopardy host. I hope they keep her on full time. She's truly the best host since Alex.

    RubberDogRubberDog13 kun oldin

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeei12 kun oldin
  • Is the Non-Scientist scientist gone yet?

    Corpsman UpCorpsman Up14 kun oldin
    • Since John C. Reilly won, why wasn't it mentioned that this was a Celebrity Edition of Jeopardy?

      foopyu noouifoopyu nooui13 kun oldin
  • There is NO way this happened. Matt threw the game for sure! It was the same when James H left. I think they both made the choice to leave because they were too smart for Jeopardy. Nothing would ever make me think different. I will now get back to watching the show randomly. Congrats Matt🎉

    ChastityChastity14 kun oldin
    • @mbd501 Thats good, I havent watched it since Matt left

      ChastityChastity8 kun oldin
    • The guy who beat Matt has now won 6 in a row himself.

      mbd501mbd5018 kun oldin
    • 類,在食品`.

      chding zuurechding zuure13 kun oldin
  • Matt is so humble, and such a joy to watch! God bless you Matt!!! We were all very sad that you lost, but you will now always be part of Jeopardy history...

    Peggy PattonPeggy Patton14 kun oldin
  • Matt lost his spark and timing today. He played like he just gave up. Sad to see him go. Now I don't have to watch. Until he comes back for the tournament.

    bssni touirbssni touir14 kun oldin
  • There is speculation that he threw the game coonsidering the total going into Final Jeopardy. Apparently, the fame has been getting to him. We'll never know the truth.

    Mr. C.C.Mr. C.C.14 kun oldin
  • I love her as host

    Fred StevensFred Stevens14 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry but did anyone else besides me noticed that Mat looked like he was being forced to lose the game. I'm not sure but did he do it himself or was the Jeopardy wanted him to do that.

    Jo Ella RileyJo Ella Riley14 kun oldin
    • Jeopardy question. He was very smart when it came to geography and history.

      bssni touirbssni touir14 kun oldin
  • I believe he deliberately lost just to get out of the game He is very very good

    Nancy NickersonNancy Nickerson14 kun oldin
  • Matt = class act!

    koiun dwrrukoiun dwrru14 kun oldin
  • I am “new” to Jeopardy; didn’t start watching regularly until the end of Alex’s career. I have not seen Jennings play or Holzhauer so to me Matt was amazing. I am SO sad. I am in awe of the wide variety of deep and often obscure knowledge he possesses. And I loved his strategy of going to the bottom of the board and working his way up. I can’t recall anyone else before him having done that and so far no one since him has done that. I would pay money to watch him bet in Las Vegas! I can hardly wait for the TOC. Congratulations Matt!

    Lisa HaysLisa Hays14 kun oldin
  • To me it ended with matt in a Bazaar way i wasn't exspecting it to end in this fashion

    Can't touchthisCan't touchthis15 kun oldin
  • "Le génie n'a qu'un siècle, après quoi il faut qu'il dégénère". Tu es le tout premier à me tenir en haleine sur l'écran de Jeopardy depuis 1984.

    Pierre ADAMPierre ADAM15 kun oldin
  • It was the one game I missed ! So sad to see him go but look forward to Tournament of Champions .What a scolar and gentleman .CHEERS Matt

    alison fergusonalison ferguson15 kun oldin
  • Matt you so smart and I wanted to see you break some records and you did. However stick to obtaining your PhD because acting skills was not your best performance. You threw that game for whatever reason but you young man will be missed!

    Debra KiriuDebra Kiriu15 kun oldin

    thelittletoethelittletoe15 kun oldin
  • Since John C. Reilly won, why wasn't it mentioned that this was a Celebrity Edition of Jeopardy?

    J WulfJ Wulf15 kun oldin
  • His wins are fixed. Divided into the Alps and Danube and he says Poland? He knew is was Austria for sure. How does he know about Japanese rugs and the entirety of the bible but not that?

    Jake WJake W15 kun oldin
    • Matt did an AMA on Reddit today, and for those who were so upset and anxious as to the fact that Matt got FJ wrong, he said in response to someone who asked him about it that he had glossed over the Alps/Danube part of the clue and guessed Poland based on the fact that Germany had invaded them in 1939 and was an important country in the war. In that respect it wasn't that bad of a guess. Sometimes in FJ it's easy to overthink things and/or accidentally miss a crucial part of the clue that leads you astray.

      TheEnlightenedNevadanTheEnlightenedNevadan2 kun oldin
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    Danielle GabriellaDanielle Gabriella15 kun oldin
  • He was never going to beat the record so this was inevitable. Good stuff, though.

    GeekFuriousGeekFurious15 kun oldin

  • Matt was tired of playing and realized that he's rich already. He knew the answer, come on now, he wanted to be done after a whole month on the show.

    Karima NicoletteKarima Nicolette15 kun oldin
  • I only watched this show because of Matt, but I believe he purposely lost for whatever reason we don't know. Because there's just no way he would have missed the Final Jeopardy question. He was very smart when it came to geography and history.

    Donna SinghDonna Singh15 kun oldin
  • The streak is over and he's defeated but Matt Amodio will be return in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Matt Amodio is the best on Jeopardy!!! 07/21/2021 - 10/11/2021

    Katie !! T{aa}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th MeKatie !! T{aa}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me15 kun oldin
  • Hello, Humans When Blackbeard captured ships, many of the African slaves on board would go on to become pirates. When he died, nearly one-third of his total crew were former slaves. TERRANCE OUT

    T-Virus TerranceT-Virus Terrance15 kun oldin
  • Congratulations Matt! I honestly thought you were going to pass Ken, but you did awesome!!! You should be very proud of yourself!😊

    DeniseDenise15 kun oldin
  • We will miss watching Matt every night. After a rough start with his monotone voice, we really began to cheer for him. He is sooo smart and I loved it when he loosen up and would chat. Good run, Matt. You've been a great competitor.

    DudeySocksDudeySocks15 kun oldin
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    Norah dianahNorah dianah15 kun oldin

  • Atleast he won over 1.5 million dollars, he deserves it. I’ve watched him a lot at work at break time lol, super smart

    hardchuck1hardchuck115 kun oldin

    lameck asangalameck asanga15 kun oldin
  • Will miss Matt so much. Such a delightful young man and a brilliant competitor

    Quyen TranQuyen Tran15 kun oldin
  • Let it go.

    Shannon ConleyShannon Conley15 kun oldin
  • That girl looks familiar...was she on full house or something?

    calhollicalholli15 kun oldin

    Hassan YaaHassan Yaa15 kun oldin
  • How can you let the guy from Step Brothers beat you?

    KaneRobotKaneRobot15 kun oldin
  • Wo rst h ost e ver

    EW moonEW moon15 kun oldin
  • The Rock & Tech N9ne - Face Off (feat. Joey Cool, King Iso & Dwayne Johnson) | Official Music Video !!!

    GrindStoneGrindStone15 kun oldin
  • Finally! I can watch jeopardy again! 😎 It's about time this amodio moron lost! 😂😂😂😁😁😁

    luigi bartololuigi bartolo15 kun oldin
  • Either he wanted to get off the show or was forced off the show, he missed questions that he usually nails, he was stumbling over words, he was making dumb mistakes, it doesnt make sense.

    Ragnar VolorusRagnar Volorus15 kun oldin
  • Finally, a good mix of cateories where Matt didn't dominate. Over the weeks we've seen various categories where he was weak (e.g. Motorcycles, Automotive, Sports), but finally the right combination of categories and quality opponents shut him down. Thank goodness! For weeks I hardly watched - if Matt ran away before the first commercial break, I tuned out since there was no suspense. Now, get rid of Mayim and let's move on with the show!

    Mitch DMitch D15 kun oldin
  • He probably threw that game

    David LittrellDavid Littrell15 kun oldin
  • We will miss watching Matt every night. After a rough start with his monotone voice, we really began to cheer for him. He is sooo smart and I loved it when he loosen up and would chat. Good run, Matt. You've been a great competitor.

    Mrbutters17Mrbutters1715 kun oldin
  • it was very strange that he was all of a sudden not ringing in on time. they say the more you play, the better you get on the buzzer, but these two noobs could ring in faster almost every time. i started to wonder if jeopardy rigged the buzzer to oust him. about final, he may have said, well my only hope is that it's a trick question, and they'll certainly go with austria, so i will go with poland on the long shot chance that there was a little known annex of poland. whenever you hear "annex" and germany, you think austria, so it was an easy question (btw, i long predicted if anyone ever had a lead on him going into final, an easy question would pop up for final). his only hope was that it was a trick. but yeah, it was very strange that all of sudden he was terrible. kinda hard to walk away from a $50k/day job though, no matter what the circumstances.

    Fred SmithFred Smith15 kun oldin
  • Yippee, we’re gonna have to wait another 10 years to see someone with 38 wins 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

    Nathan CoenjartsNathan Coenjarts15 kun oldin
  • I just thought this show was odd, even looked set-up.

    RedEyeCRedEyeC15 kun oldin
  • He knew the answer. I think he just knew he was gonna lose any way. Great run though 👍

    Latricia WillisLatricia Willis15 kun oldin
  • He threw the game, has to go back to school

    Chris RodriguezChris Rodriguez15 kun oldin
  • Every time one of these long streak winners loses, I have to scratch my head while watching them lose.

    coledcoled15 kun oldin
  • Imagine if Matt kept going for another 4 weeks, by early Nov, it would've been Ken Jennings hosting him. And in about 15 wins after that, Ken would've seen Matt overtaking him in person... That would've been interesting! Now it's over, 38 wins is just over half of what Ken had. Ken's record is very likely unbreakable.

    m mm m15 kun oldin
    • It's too bad he couldn't have stayed on until Ken Jennings was the host. I think he wanted to be on with Jennings as the host.

      Beth WilsonBeth Wilson13 kun oldin
  • I stopped watching for two shows ago hoping for a new beginning. Just got bored for a long running like this. Sorry Jeopardy. I will now start watching again.

    Sharon MSharon M15 kun oldin

    cc12300cc1230015 kun oldin
  • The outtakes are better than what actually airs. Matt truly is a humble gent

    David MorleyDavid Morley15 kun oldin
    • @ David Morley Where are you seeing outtakes?

      DavidDavid15 kun oldin
  • He either quit, or they wanted him to loose. There is no way he would have missed that many questions...

    Beth MunnBeth Munn15 kun oldin
  • Let's skip to the tournament of champions. I only want to see Matt play!

    Asul003Asul00315 kun oldin
  • In a weird way, he is probably happy it's over the pressure is off, and he has a nice piece of change in his pocket.

    Chris YauChris Yau15 kun oldin
  • I loved Matt until he didnt get the Venom question. I mean cmon man

    AuhzzyAuhzzy16 kun oldin
  • Oh well

    Isaiah HattenIsaiah Hatten16 kun oldin
  • It almost sounds as if he said "was nice to beat you" lol

    MirrorglassballMirrorglassball16 kun oldin
  • Ken Jennings is smiling, jumping up and down saying YES and so on. His still has the record

    gradnitzerslgradnitzersl16 kun oldin

      vegasallen1vegasallen115 kun oldin
  • He quit

    Richard TravisRichard Travis16 kun oldin
  • Anyone going to beat Ken Jennings record. I faught Matt may do it

    gradnitzerslgradnitzersl16 kun oldin
  • He was burnt happens...he was filming multiple shows a day...he looked exhausted

    Kim MosesKim Moses16 kun oldin
  • I thought Ken Jennings lost on purpose and I think Matt did too. After a while perhaps it gets boring. Great champions and it’s also nice to let others win. They proved their points. Very very smart guys with great reflexes!

    Zoe PrimroseZoe Primrose16 kun oldin
  • I really can't believe Matt missed this one. It reminds me of Ken Jenning's last final jeopardy answer. Even I narrowed it down to Switzerland and Austria because of the Alps clue. My only guess is that Matt just was burned out at this point which you can tell by the way he struggled to get some of the answers out.

    Mike ReissMike Reiss16 kun oldin
  • The questions were really easy lately

    Roni TaylorRoni Taylor16 kun oldin
  • I hate that Matt lost.

    Debbie BlevinsDebbie Blevins16 kun oldin
  • Mat was.amazing u play

    Victor JamesVictor James16 kun oldin
  • Before this game I remember only one Matt's miss up in question on Long Island being not island but peni sula!?. So, what the reason for such curiosity landrover?, what have happened?

    Yakov SpivakYakov Spivak16 kun oldin
  • He was told to throw it. This guy is way too smart to have lost that final question. If I knew it , which I did , and with barely a high school education and no college , he must have known the answer. Now , of course he was behind going in , but still, he had to have known that one.

    javaramajavarama16 kun oldin
  • After all incredible wins such end looks strange and suspecious.

    Yakov SpivakYakov Spivak16 kun oldin
  • I think Matt was just tired. It must be quite a grind after a while, payout notwithstanding.

    costernochtcosternocht16 kun oldin
  • Must of had a lot of categories on dumb tv shows and movies.

    Richard WRichard W16 kun oldin
  • It's hard to believe Matt didn't lose on purpose. My guess is that he just decided he was done.

    paul16451paul1645116 kun oldin

    Jim gjmn-mpbccollinsJim gjmn-mpbccollins16 kun oldin
  • Good! Buh bye.

    Lynnm1956Lynnm195616 kun oldin
  • "What is Poland?" was so stunningly wrong a question for an answer that contained "Danube" and "Alps" that all I could think of was Herb Stempel answering "On the Waterfront" instead of "Marty."

    MrHmg55MrHmg5516 kun oldin
    • I thought the double jeopardy round was strange, and final jeopardy really made something look either off or set-up.

      RedEyeCRedEyeC15 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else feel like something was off with Matt from the moment that game began? Matt looked uncomfortable, and he was just not himself. You are still a winner Matt!👍🏽 Matt displays integrity and humility as a Jeopardy winner.👌🏽 I'm sorry to have Matt lose but both his competitors were smart, strategic, and also were winners.

    listeningherelisteninghere16 kun oldin
    • I think he threw the game.

      Betsy Singh-AnandBetsy Singh-Anand14 kun oldin
    • I agree. Matt did not look himself that night. I sure will miss watching him he was brilliant

      Melanie FriedmanMelanieFMelanie FriedmanMelanieF15 kun oldin
    • Yes it started with Amy or host not calling johnny Gilbert by his full name . she just called him johnny.but Friday the lady with mad face didn't t help Matt s chances of sticking around.

      Sally WilsonSally Wilson15 kun oldin
  • Glad he's gone

    Celeste PinkertonCeleste Pinkerton16 kun oldin
  • This is why one must watch the Sound of Music. It teaches you critical facts about history and geography!

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi16 kun oldin
  • wow a new Jeopardy! champion and a giant killer

    Billy MoodyBilly Moody16 kun oldin
  • There's NO way brilliant Matt Amodio didn't know the final Jeopardy or many easy answers earlier. Any movie fan, let alone a PHD candidate, would have know from just watching "The Sound of Music." Sorry to see him exit that way. Clement Mike Ciereck

    Clement CiereckClement Ciereck16 kun oldin
    • @Mike Johnson Sure, he was tired of making $40,000 an hour. Sooo exhausting...

      vegasallen1vegasallen115 kun oldin
  • Strange how Matt and James Holzhauer both played absolutely terrible final games, randomly guessing and reckless.

    Amy SanchezAmy Sanchez16 kun oldin
  • Alps and Danube = Poland ? Seriously Matt?....perhaps the pressure was too much...doesn't add up

    Gary TGary T16 kun oldin
  • He can put another shrimp on the bah-bie now… His final G’day mate..

    Alex MartinAlex Martin16 kun oldin
  • After having seen him play he gives me the impression that he lost intentionally. I do not know why , but these are my feelings.

    Esther AymerichEsther Aymerich16 kun oldin
    • I agree. There were answers I knew that he didn't even buzz in on - if I knew those answers, I am *sure* he did!

      Betsy Singh-AnandBetsy Singh-Anand14 kun oldin
    • Same. He threw it. Must have figured out he's got enough money.

      mi8mi815 kun oldin
    • Fixed 100%. He's not that braindead to say Poland

      Jake WJake W15 kun oldin
    • @Steve Vasta exactly

      Sugar Xyler the blue eyed CherokeeSugar Xyler the blue eyed Cherokee15 kun oldin
    • My husband said the same thing.

      Jennifer ShatherJennifer Shather16 kun oldin
  • 2:21 And now, the spoiler.

    revin hatolrevin hatol16 kun oldin