George Foreman on his Post Fight Wilder vs. Fury

Foreman sits and shares his thoughts following the fight and the outcome of Wilder vs. Fury.

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  • Mr. FOREMAN, I just have to say I respect you and your career sooo much. I don’t know if this will get a reply, but you HAVE to know how much guys like me LOVE what you brought to the ring. Thank you for your heart, strength, and never giving up even as older fighter.

    just mejust me18 soat oldin
  • I agree thought the referee was great

    Rockstarnic88Rockstarnic8819 soat oldin
  • Legend always loved big George

    Rockstarnic88Rockstarnic8819 soat oldin
  • George, you made memories for all of us in your great fights too. You'll also be remembered for many years to come. God bless you.

    DL MullinsDL Mullins2 kun oldin
  • Hi I'm korea fun. 건강하세요

    각시탈님각시탈님2 kun oldin
  • Thank you George. True legend.

    J VernJ Vern2 kun oldin
  • İt would be so good if george foreman talks about in one of his videos ; his boxing style, details and strategys, his deffance, i realy like his deffance his paratings is amazeing i realy like to see him talking about his style

    ozan colakozan colak2 kun oldin
  • big george the LEGEND

    abc defabc def3 kun oldin
  • just missing music. A nice score to this would be official

    Christopher REECEChristopher REECE4 kun oldin
  • Praise God. You are a hero. Good to see you here.

    Michael LewisMichael Lewis4 kun oldin
  • Prime George v Wilder. Prob would have lasted 3 rounds but could have been the wildest 3 rounds in HW history. But ifs dont matter like the Champ just said...

    Jody JonesJody Jones4 kun oldin
  • Why is a grill master commenting on boxing?

    Addam Robin2Addam Robin24 kun oldin
  • Thanks for that George, I’m off to pop something in the grill.

  • Well said George about the reff they deserve a mention especially when they are that good

    Kevin banksKevin banks5 kun oldin
  • George your grills are a pain in the ass to clean! Lol

    Gary KilberGary Kilber5 kun oldin
  • This is as good a review of a fight as I've heard in a long life. What a very decent man George is, calling it straight and not leaning towards one man or the other: a true Corinthian. He's right about heavyweight boxing being all the better for having Wilder and Fury in their prime at the same time and I hope that things stay that way in the future although right now I can't see anybody around who is fit to take on their mantle when eventually they retire. It will be interesting to see what Usyk can bring to the top of the division.

    Paul BoswellPaul Boswell5 kun oldin
  • George Foreman is one of the greatest heavyweights of all times. He kept ducking one fighter, though. Who was it? You guessed it. Frank Stallone.

    Kelly ChristianKelly Christian5 kun oldin
  • Great to see George so happy about boxing ❤️

    Aaron DolanAaron Dolan5 kun oldin
  • Thanks Big George,!=)

    Caitlin MiraCaitlin Mira5 kun oldin
  • We Love you George ! Your smile is still so comforting.

    Bubble CheeseBubble Cheese5 kun oldin
  • I’ve have a fantasy fight question for gorge who wins young gorge from your early days or comeback gorge

    shane josephshane joseph5 kun oldin
  • Джордж, здравствуйте. Очень интересна карьера вашего сына, про него очень мало информации. Не могли бы вы рассказать о его планах на бои, если они ещё будут? Искринне верю что он добьется больших высот!

    ИгорьИгорь5 kun oldin

    TheJlmillsTheJlmills6 kun oldin
  • In Zaire, do you still believe your water may have been tampered with? Anything is possible.

    Jean-Paul MorinJean-Paul Morin6 kun oldin
  • Goerge ! Your just to cool!🤟

    mark mcallanmark mcallan6 kun oldin
  • George I loved you as a boxer and I love your grills!

    Mahir HaqueMahir Haque6 kun oldin
  • Thank you for posting this Mr. Foreman! I'm inspired by you and your entire career. Thanks for your comments on an amazing title fight!

    Mike PattonMike Patton6 kun oldin
  • george foreman the man we all love and respect

    Dean McNeileyDean McNeiley7 kun oldin
  • We’ll never stop talking about you George ! Legend!

    john Mjohn M7 kun oldin
  • We love you Big George !!!

    Bob BelsonBob Belson7 kun oldin
  • How good the ref was, he allowed Wilder an illegal rabbit punch with no rebuke, it’s as clear as day, go back and revue the fight.

    Lawrence OrrLawrence Orr7 kun oldin
  • Who would of thought george forman would of still been alive in 2021 after growing up from the 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s

    New ZealandNew Zealand7 kun oldin
  • You said that referee did a good job and the best referee ever to referee a fight That referee was horrible, terrible,and bias The told fury no head locks and don't do it again I believe it was 3nd or 4th round Fury continue throughout the remainder of the fight with head locking Wilder because Fury knew he could not win without going against the rules of boxing Big George how did you miss from hearing and seeing this throughout the entire fight if you were watching the fight. How Not to mention the counting by the referee

    Herman KnightshadeHerman Knightshade7 kun oldin
  • I had another two burgers just now on your grill. God bless you x

    Spinozin 6.01Spinozin 6.017 kun oldin
  • Classic

    Steadno 2006Steadno 20067 kun oldin
  • You will always be one of my all time favorite boxers George!

    Brad CallaghanBrad Callaghan7 kun oldin
  • Hey George.

    Jay TomsonJay Tomson8 kun oldin
  • What a great human being

    JamchesterJamchester8 kun oldin
  • You spittin' mad-knowledge, Big George ... Respect, good sir.

    Chief Running TurtleChief Running Turtle8 kun oldin
  • Insightful, generous and fair analysis delivered with the humility that only a Great could display. Thank you, Sir.

    LittleNoiseBoyLittleNoiseBoy8 kun oldin
  • Great seeing you are looking well George looking at you reminds me of God's word in psalm 91 :16 it says with long life will I satisfy you and show you my salvation. God bless you my brother in Christ

    Barry JohnsonBarry Johnson8 kun oldin
  • Well said

    Joshua LuxJoshua Lux8 kun oldin
  • What about the holding n no breaks

    Boxing talk 101 Boxing talk 101 9 kun oldin
  • thank you George, great analysis.

    ian bentleyian bentley9 kun oldin
  • Nice George and ur bang on. Great fight. Modern day classic

    Twist TwisterTwist Twister9 kun oldin
  • I just want to say, I called this fight after the second match. Fury had actually won the first fight. I said then that Wilder did not want any more of Fury. He depends on the right hand for everything. He looked tired after the first three rounds. He knockdown Fury twice. The big man rose of the canvas and said not today Wilder. Proceed to whip his ass post to post. Notice how great shape Fury was in.

    David BarnardDavid Barnard9 kun oldin
  • Big George in my opinion is the greatest Heavyweight of all time, won the title in two generations and greatest puncher in the greatest boxing era....

    S PS P9 kun oldin
  • I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this fight. I’ve watched all the great fights of the past 45 years, and you had many. Ps( the sound on your channel (this video) has echo, needs some attention)

    Peter ParsonsPeter Parsons9 kun oldin
  • You are a really noble man. These are some great words and credit to these amazing fighters.

    fkasolfkasol9 kun oldin
  • So good to see you looking so well George, and you're so humble in your tribute to Fury and Wilder. Much respect 🙌

    Keith DavidsonKeith Davidson9 kun oldin
  • есть русские ?

    Андрей ивановАндрей иванов10 kun oldin
  • Hey gorge great comments...I agree..real sportsman's ship for you to make room for Tyson fury 3 , among other historic heavyweights, with out comparison....looking good, thanks 😄

    eraina lewiseraina lewis10 kun oldin
  • 1:59 Truth 💯 The past is show by those two men

    Positive and FunnyPositive and Funny10 kun oldin
  • Love you, Big George! A true legend!

    Bela NyulBela Nyul10 kun oldin
  • Never stop talking about you Gentlemen “ The Champions Forever “ !

    Little HolmesLittle Holmes10 kun oldin
  • Things will be coming out about that fight" and I believe it will be quite shameful.

    Lion ToothLion Tooth10 kun oldin
  • GOD BLESS & BE HEALTHY ALWAYS SIR GEORGE FOREMAN ! Im now 46 y o, Im always watching your fights since I was a child !

    joman garciajoman garcia10 kun oldin
  • Thank you champ for your analysis. It was a grueling fight and I'm always interested in your take on the fight as a legend of the sport and one of the hardest punchers in heavyweight history. Thank you so much for your insight.

    Willie ReddWillie Redd10 kun oldin
  • Hi Big George - you are getting Wiser as you get older . Love from Ali❤️

    PracticalMethod AlgarvePortugalPracticalMethod AlgarvePortugal10 kun oldin
  • Mr.Foreman it’s an honor and pleasure to have you still here with us, many have come and gone. Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement. Much respect sir! 💪🏾

    L318BLACKSHEEPL318BLACKSHEEP10 kun oldin
  • George, keep it simple that's all wilder has got is a right hand,no stamina,and what I expected talks rubbish,that's it.

    nicklegg61nicklegg6111 kun oldin
  • Watching this man talk about anything, puts a smile on your face and a peace in your heart... Your the best Big George.

    70wdeluca70wdeluca11 kun oldin
  • Big George your come back has been the biggest motivation ever

    kkkkkk11 kun oldin
  • George, please come out of retirement and fight fury

    Lord ScribeLord Scribe11 kun oldin
  • Wow, Mr Foreman, it's great to hear and see you sounding and looking so good! Boxing sermon! It's great to hear and see it's not always the best in the past.

    Mike StClairMike StClair11 kun oldin
  • hi big George Are You Legend İ love

    Cihan SoyyiğitCihan Soyyiğit11 kun oldin
  • Great words from a classy ex Champion.

    John HondaJohn Honda11 kun oldin
  • I dol....shout out me ...watching here in Philippines.....

    enero 369 sabioenero 369 sabio11 kun oldin
  • Being so proud of you my legend. Love from Indonesia, Mr.George Foreman

    Yoseph Klemens MauYoseph Klemens Mau11 kun oldin
  • Big George the legend!

    Henrik JakobsenHenrik Jakobsen11 kun oldin
  • So grateful to have the perspective of such a legend of the sport.

    Big KeshBig Kesh11 kun oldin
  • the future is so bright I must wear sunglasses. George, you are the best- god bless

    Sam StewartSam Stewart11 kun oldin
  • It was the best HW fight in a long time but anyone old enough to remember the 90's knows it's nowhere near the top. The Holyfield/Bowe trilogy, Holyfield/Dokes or my personal favorite HW fight was Tua/Ibeabuchi. That was the best HW slugfest I've ever seen.

    J BusaJ Busa11 kun oldin
  • 03:31 We can't George. Stop talking about such fights would be a heresy to boxing.

    Mar CeloMar Celo11 kun oldin
  • Thanks George for your measured response. You give perspective and weight to what is sure to go down as one the classics. I appreciate you calling it out, that this is these fighters time and we need to respect them for such a great showing. You're the best.

    RandallRandall11 kun oldin
  • Look at George still doing his thing! Love to see that. Still sharp as a tack and well spoken. 👍👏👏👏

    Ricardo FloresRicardo Flores11 kun oldin
  • Always a pleasure

    Kesavan SKesavan S11 kun oldin

    Dan JamesDan James11 kun oldin
  • Boxing godfather

    FlizzyFlizzy11 kun oldin
  • The most entertaining heavy hitter.

    Michael MachariaMichael Macharia11 kun oldin
  • Thank you George!

    LukeLuke11 kun oldin
  • My favourite heavyweight.

    DoubleUpOnBobDoubleUpOnBob11 kun oldin
  • Is that Lewis v schmelling on the left ?

    Darren StopperDarren Stopper11 kun oldin
  • George foreman would have beat both these guys in one night.. Im open to comments. And im a fan of both fury and wilder.

    Phil Anthony StinePhil Anthony Stine11 kun oldin
  • What does a man who made a grilling machine know about boxing?

    insanely insensitiveinsanely insensitive11 kun oldin
  • the people who did thumbs down are racist.

    Someother PatriotSomeother Patriot11 kun oldin
  • With all due respect Foreman is saying nothing

    Gene BaldiniGene Baldini11 kun oldin
  •'re a kind and decent man!

    Tom BlasterTom Blaster11 kun oldin
  • Foreman is the man. Love to hear him commentate again

    Ryan PeckRyan Peck11 kun oldin
  • I am fanat Big George in Ukraine

    Ave CesarAve Cesar11 kun oldin
  • George, you look like a really happy, kind man. Yet when you boxed I don't think anyone could have said you were anything other than intimidating! I find this contrast quite amusing, thanks for the memories, as well as your current thoughts 👍👊

    Junior BallsJunior Balls11 kun oldin
  • Legend! Still loves boxing and can tell us why. True Great!

    chicken dinnerchicken dinner11 kun oldin
  • من قنوات اليوتيوب التي تستحق المشاهده Geographic now

    anwŕ skýanwŕ ský11 kun oldin
  • Look good Champ! Fury and Wilder are in the conversation with the legends. Lets never forget them

    Danny SandovalDanny Sandoval12 kun oldin
  • Good video George. Wilder is not a good boxer and is one dimensional. Fury isn't great either. Wilder has the worse balance that I've ever seen from a championship heavyweight boxer in history.

  • I reckon Wilder got some brain damage with those last few punches - he couldn't walk straight - that's the pity about the fight.

    BobbyBobby12 kun oldin
  • Wow George still looks like he's in his 50s , stay safe brother

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue12 kun oldin
  • My uncle Bob cook used to train him. What a great human

    Nobody .12Nobody .1212 kun oldin