Hairdresser Reacts To People Doing 'Wolf Cuts' (as seen on tiktok)

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people giving themselves a "wolf cut" , this cut has become wildly popular from tiktok. I was shocked at how decent these cuts came out!

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sy’eral williams
Ellie Dee
Emma Ellingsen

Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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  • He is so disgusting

    Jimins broken toothJimins broken toothSoat oldin

    BruhyenBruhyen2 soat oldin
  • This is probably the most common comment made on his account but the "Hello Beautiful" at the start of each video just makes my heart happy.

    Courteney RiceCourteney Rice3 soat oldin
  • It’s the uneven dance 👏🏾❤️

  • Love the facial hair! You are so damn cute brad. Shut up!

    Chiquita GoneBananazChiquita GoneBananaz4 soat oldin
  • I hope to be as hot as brad one day

  • me when i read the title "whats a wolf cut...?"

    April cironaApril cirona4 soat oldin
  • I think it is called wolf cut because wovle's tail are like .....kinda layered

    Astha singhAstha singh4 soat oldin
  • OMG the first girl ended up with red carpet celeb hair.

    Tiffany TwistedTiffany Twisted6 soat oldin
  • He shouls so react to prettypastelplease it woul hilarious

    Sarah WilliesSarah Willies7 soat oldin
  • I did this initially because I am a tight arse who doesn't like to spend money. I have continued because my hair looks better than most professional cuts I have had. Win win!

    S Martyp AntsS Martyp Ants7 soat oldin
  • I just heard of the wolf cut yesterday so Had to check this out

    Alecia ThomasAlecia Thomas8 soat oldin
  • You need to do a “where are they now”

    Rosamartinez MRosamartinez M9 soat oldin
  • this guy sure knows how to give some1 like me a heart attack.. (my hair is over 3ft long)

    Lelynn MillerLelynn Miller9 soat oldin
  • I saw wolf cut and was confused and scared.

    -Eternal--Eternal-10 soat oldin
  • I am sooooo shook to omg 😳😳😳

    Christina SmithChristina Smith11 soat oldin
  • He really looks like Artie from cruella

    LxzerLxzer11 soat oldin
  • "Do wolves have layers??" My immediate thought: .....ogres do.

    Edit ModeEdit Mode12 soat oldin
  • whoa. I did my son's hair like this kinda. he wanted "anime" hair. everyone compliments him and I've been offered $$$ to do it to other people ...I'm way more knowledgeable re=hair dye..but I havent gone to school or anything

    izzy jonesizzy jones12 soat oldin
    • wait this isnt what I know as a wolf cut At all. this is DIY layers

      izzy jonesizzy jones12 soat oldin
  • I wish I knew how to cut my hair I think I have coyly cur hair but it doesn’t look good when I did cut it

    Kelliegh JacksonKelliegh Jackson12 soat oldin
  • im wanting a wolf cut its a mullet bassically

    chels russellchels russell13 soat oldin
  • Going into winter with seasonal depression, and these wolf cut videos are not helping me with not wanting to trim my hair.

    bucketofcrowsbucketofcrows13 soat oldin
  • Omg I'm toooo high for the 2nd video. Im crying n almost pissed myself

    Latisha SaundersLatisha Saunders14 soat oldin
  • BRAD with stuck in house COVID last year let my hair grow and did nothing to and it and wanted a change. My hair was below my shoulders perfectly straight. After watching this vid and hearing your eval, I went for it. I'm 48 my hair is long and I have a ton of it, very thick; it came out exactly like the first girl and I LOVE IT!!!!! nice shaggy look. THANK YOU for inspiring me.

    Laura WaltersLaura Walters15 soat oldin
  • hmm... I know 5 min crafts is famous for editing videos together so it appears like the end result was from what was shown... syerals hair was a brighter blue at the start and a darker blue at the end. did she dye it after cutting it? did I miss that? but that hair wrap technique is great.

    wanderingintimewanderingintime15 soat oldin
  • Brad, you look scrumptious! Great hair look.

    Sandra SalazarSandra Salazar15 soat oldin
  • I know what my teens were talking about. I had no idea. So they didn't do it right with my youngest, she tried explaining. Saving the vid so I can reference back. My hair is wayyyyy too thin for this to work in any way. Lol but BRAD I DO NEED YOUR HELP! I'M SO TIRED OF MY SAME HAIRSTYLE! I grow it out, hate it, then am undecisive and end up cutting it the same style I've had for ever 5yrs. Sigh.

    d fd f16 soat oldin
  • His reaction to the first girl was hands down the funniest Brad-react I've seen yet. When he got off the stool to stare with his hands on his knees, I lost it completely. The escalating "what the F***???"-ness of it all was perfect. Also, she looked fantastic!

    portiadaportiada16 soat oldin
  • First video looks great! 🔥😍

    Tina NinaTina Nina17 soat oldin
  • You look stunning

    Axolochi AxolotlAxolochi Axolotl17 soat oldin
  • Back in the 90s this was just known as.. "the Rachel." 💕

    *(h3/$3@**(h3/$3@*17 soat oldin

    JJSUN PJJSUN P17 soat oldin
  • Your fit is business business

    Hunter HinsonHunter Hinson18 soat oldin
  • I have to pause. A long time? I did this cut, that I found in Seventeen (or maybe Young Miss) magazine when I was 13 years old. I am 47 now. So at least 34 years.

    Paint PinkPaint Pink18 soat oldin
  • For those of us who can't go to a salon anymore ...

    The Eerie FaerieThe Eerie Faerie19 soat oldin
  • Maybe they meant Werewolf Cut

    The Eerie FaerieThe Eerie Faerie19 soat oldin
    • 😜 kidding. It looks good on some people

      The Eerie FaerieThe Eerie Faerie19 soat oldin
  • Happy birthday tomorrow! 🎂 ♏️ Your chart is very interesting! I checked your birthday because I got curious to find out how you can be so cute! Like, wow! 😍

    Lilith KeoghLilith Keogh19 soat oldin
  • The first girl is SO pretty I can'TTTTTTTT

    FlareonOWFlareonOW20 soat oldin
  • Wolves don't have layers, ogres do.

    Eliza KowalskaEliza Kowalska20 soat oldin
  • The last girl No no no wait? No ayyyyy wait no no no no omg no no no no no no no no omg omg no no no

    lilly editslilly edits20 soat oldin
  • Google says "Taking its name from the wild, untamed look the heavy layers create, resembling the fur of its namesake."

    Lara BethLara Beth20 soat oldin
  • I swear that last one went through all the five stages of grief with each no

    AnneCan'tGameAnneCan'tGame20 soat oldin
  • people like to bring stuff back and call it something else and say it's new. I don't like that. Like, just bring it back. You don't have to rebrand it.

    AuvrielAuvriel21 soat oldin
  • Wow!! In 1974 I had a hairdresser put my long hair...(to the waist length) in a unicorn and a rubber band and "whack" it was gone!! I had a "wolf" cut in the 70's and we didn't call it that, It was called a "Shag"! took me awhile to get used to it. But this is nothing new..but is! how funny thing go around and around. Very cool!

    Mona S.Mona S.21 soat oldin
  • My hairdresser cuts my hair dry, should i be scared now? 😓

    KatjaKatja21 soat oldin
  • As a brit every time he talks about a 'full on shag' i fall apart jsjsjjsjsjsj

    David Almond and Dastardly FrankDavid Almond and Dastardly Frank22 soat oldin
  • shears are like $5 at the grocery store lol

    Quinn MorrisQuinn Morris22 soat oldin
  • I could never love u brad

    Presley BellPresley Bell22 soat oldin
  • My besti did it and she suits it sooo muchhh x

    kimberley Howellkimberley Howell22 soat oldin
  • I remember first doing this in july and before doing it looking for your video about it and being really sad there wasnt one

    Evelyn OEvelyn O22 soat oldin
  • That looks great.

    Marie BournMarie Bourn22 soat oldin
  • I really wanna get this done proffesionaly at the hairdresser but the wolf cut is a gen z thing so what should i tell my hairdresser??

    Lisa WilliamsLisa Williams22 soat oldin
  • Werewolf. The 80s movie with Micheal Jay fox.

    Marie BournMarie Bourn23 soat oldin
  • The last girl just oh my god… that made me laugh so hard but it looks good?? In the front???

    Kodi PyeKodi Pye23 soat oldin
  • Wth..... What!?!?! Thats like a TAPANGA HAIRCUT!!! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!

    MishMish💎🖤💎🖤MishMish💎🖤💎🖤23 soat oldin
  • Straight hair texture is so mind blowing to me. I could never do this with my curly hair. But I do dry cut it, because my curls are so chaotic a wet cut would leave me misshapen.

    Paprika ClarkPaprika ClarkKun oldin
  • The last girl is actually famous in Norway! Her name is Emma and she gained fame through being a transgender influencer

    hre010hre010Kun oldin
  • "The Uneven Dance"😂😂

    Kitten WittenKitten WittenKun oldin
  • I laughed way tooooo hard watching the last girl have a life crisis 😂😂

    Nawres Ben AbderrahmenNawres Ben AbderrahmenKun oldin
  • Go Wolfie 👏🏼👍🏼💕

    Robby lynnKRobby lynnKKun oldin
  • Brad's face when the first girl takes her hair it down 😂😂 also "is the uneven dance" killed me

    SocialDistancingProsSocialDistancingProsKun oldin
  • Wow..idk what a wolf cut is

    SocialDistancingProsSocialDistancingProsKun oldin
  • Second girl just stressing me out😳

    Lauren BoucherLauren BoucherKun oldin
  • I'd give an arm and a leg to be able to cut my own hair again. My arms and hands are old and arthritis stops me. I need to just go to the stylist. The Wolf cut allows people to shag it up around the face like a Wolf mane.

    Leslie GroverLeslie GroverKun oldin
  • I personally hate wolf cut, till the begining of my teens my mom always forced me to do layered hair, and made me hate it with passion layered hair lol only thing i like with layers is side bangs/curtain bangs and thats it.

    NanimaNanimaKun oldin
  • maybe we should call it an onion cut instead

    inkimonstainkimonstaKun oldin
  • Realising I've been doing this every since I was in my teenage years and 15 years later it's a trend 😊 damn should have patented it😂

    Aparna NambiarAparna NambiarKun oldin
  • as someone with narrow hair that's dyed... first girl had my anxiety on high omg but her hair is absolutely fabulous before and after

    GigglezJuicy2010GigglezJuicy2010Kun oldin
  • wolf cuts, is just literally Joan Jetts hairstyle from the 1970s.

    Abominable YetiAbominable YetiKun oldin
  • Nobody gonna talk about how Brad looks? Cause I'm shook. I really like this visual 👏👏

    Vash LetVash LetKun oldin
  • How to make brad angry!! Say “it’s just hair it’ll grow out”

    Pink hair yeonjun supremacyPink hair yeonjun supremacyKun oldin
  • I have been cutting my hair like this for a long time.

    Jessica BathauerJessica BathauerKun oldin
  • 2am i just cut my hair now thanks❤️

    suprememangosuprememangoKun oldin
  • Werewolves have this cut.

    DellaDykebornDellaDykebornKun oldin
  • Your eyes are smiling with me, I love them. You have such gorgeous eyes😍

    Norda BrownNorda BrownKun oldin
  • can you review curly wolfcuts??

    Alicia KirkendallAlicia KirkendallKun oldin
  • I've cut my hair like this for years, only way to make it easy to get the same consistent trim every time I want to remove damaged ends without needing to spend either lots of time or money 😂 Really has helped me with growing it out for the umpteenth time! I'm really tickled that it's surging in popularity again for the first time since like the 70s or so XD

    EmeraldEmeraldKun oldin
  • Wolf cut it's like the back hair it's like the wolf tail I think

    ✨Kai✨✨Kai✨Kun oldin
  • Nothing, air, you couldn’t cut air with those lol

    Rosalind PirtleRosalind PirtleKun oldin
  • I didnt get why people always said “like” when copying American accent but after that last girl I get it.

    adlove Moonadlove MoonKun oldin
  • I’m a hair stylist currently training to be a color educator for the line Kevin Murphy. The “Wolf cut” came about (in my opinion and from what I learned) when a picture of a model went viral. You’ve most likely seen it if you’ve looked this cut up online. It’s a blonde haired woman named Cathy Wolf who’s hair was cut by a Kevin Murphy artist. It’s a long modern shag essentially and looks similar to Billie’s cut. It become popular within the beauty industry and mainstream media/Tik tok caught on and now its blurred into being the actual animal of Wolf lol 🤷🏻‍♀️ but it’s really just a modern shag it’s nothing super new. Yet another thing brought back from the past but with some new twists! ☺️

    Allison GillespieAllison GillespieKun oldin
  • My mother has been doing that cut from the ponytail to give herself a trip and I gotta edmit it works for her! Idk how but it does!

    🐺Cray cray Wolfe 🐺🐺Cray cray Wolfe 🐺Kun oldin
  • needed this. late to this. haven't tried it although tempted....

    Cookie 4811Cookie 4811Kun oldin
  • When 1st girl said curly, I thought she meant curly curly. She meant curling iron curly. The color is bomb, she looked great

    hermit_artemishermit_artemisKun oldin
  • @5:02 omfg this girl got more hair in that top SECTION than i got on my whole ass body tftftf

    Taylor FrinkTaylor FrinkKun oldin
  • I tried cutting bangs in the summer and umm well before school started back i got my hair cut and got my bangs fixed

    Sarah_TheWeirdoSarah_TheWeirdoKun oldin
  • Looks like a wolf mane. There. Mystery solved!

    Island Key MermaidIsland Key MermaidKun oldin
  • 13:46 Not the grunge wannabe lmao

    Jasso Carbajal Sabina ZoéJasso Carbajal Sabina ZoéKun oldin
  • That last one had me crying actual tears I was laughing so hard girl I'm so sorry WHAT-

    shauna linayshauna linayKun oldin
  • Brad whatchu gonna do??? Brad watchu gonna do?

    • sᴜɢᴀʀ •• sᴜɢᴀʀ •Kun oldin
  • Isn’t it just a mullet?

    SidneycozzoiSidneycozzoiKun oldin
  • When the hairstyle you've been rocking for years finally comes in style 💪

    SAASAAKun oldin
  • The "wolf cut" = a haircut that's meant to cover up the hair-butchering mistakes done to oneself during lockdown or, at least, an attempt at a cover-up. Evidence: The horridly AWFUL short/cereal bowl bangs; hair is cut to many MANY different lengths - some may feign its "asymmetrical".

    valkyre420valkyre420Kun oldin
  • wolfs are shaggy. its a wolf cut because its a “shaggy” look

    Catherine xCatherine xKun oldin
  • I’m 60 and I used to do this cut in the 70’s! We called it the Farrah cut!

    doliio volaydoliio volayKun oldin
  • It's called a wolf cut because a wolf has a short undercoat at the top of the body, and longer and coarser towards the back.

    daileywinterprincessdaileywinterprincessKun oldin
  • Okay but I bought scissors that were supposedly made for hair cutting, and they're the dullest scissors I've ever owned in my life 😭

    Ramona JohansenRamona JohansenKun oldin
    • @Ramona Johansen 😀👍

    • @SIOBHAN PARKER oh cool, thank you!

      Ramona JohansenRamona Johansen6 soat oldin
    • I've found Fabric cutting scissors to be the best for cutting your hair yourself 😀👍

  • I gave myself a “wolf cut” with thinner shears and I remembered how many cow licks I have 😂

    Brock O'leaBrock O'leaKun oldin
  • the last girl is so stressed and i relate

    HeatherHeatherKun oldin
    • choppy layers 😂 Funny how everything trendy now was what was considered "weird" less than 10 years ago😂😂 Loving it though!

      doliio volaydoliio volayKun oldin