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Alright so in this video I made some custom minecraft bosses and got a real mod developer to react to/review my designs. I ended up making bosses for the forest, jungle, and nether biomes. They turned out really good! Sorry this video took so long to come out, we're working on some big things! And editing is starting to take a really long time. But soon I'll be back on a decent schedule so I hope you enjoy this one in the meantime (:

My name's daniel and I design things. Usually I do 3d modeling in blender but I'm now a metal worker thanks to mr beast apparently??? Who knows what I'll design in the future. If you have any ideas please let me know

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  • Hey Daniel can you please make roblox Teddy in Minecraft the fallen one in roblox teddy

    xd  gamerxd gamerSoat oldin
  • What about a new mob is nether rhino

    kirito the howlkerkirito the howlkerSoat oldin
  • Redesign a ravager in minecraft

    Kian Owen GarciaKian Owen GarciaSoat oldin
  • We need this mod

    Albert NicolasAlbert Nicolas4 soat oldin
  • Can we get those mods

    Sanija laksihaSanija laksiha4 soat oldin
  • why you are not redesigning icons

    burger kingburger king4 soat oldin
  • Play with ur mod.

    Kevin nash OdiverKevin nash Odiver5 soat oldin
  • what is that app is it only computer or cellphone

    ericka balogericka balog7 soat oldin
  • How did you make the mobs and can you put them in game?

    Berrys!Berrys!9 soat oldin
  • Good luck on the new bosses

    Frankie PhillipsonFrankie Phillipson9 soat oldin
  • Make a realistic poke ball

    Game GuyGame Guy9 soat oldin
  • 50 cream pie

    Jerssey czeiden aquino AquinoJerssey czeiden aquino Aquino13 soat oldin
  • I dare you to make every 3d things in minecraft in a month if you dont hit your self with cream pie

    Jerssey czeiden aquino AquinoJerssey czeiden aquino Aquino13 soat oldin
  • 🤩🤩💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💖

    Dawn DeSilverDawn DeSilver14 soat oldin
  • Make a boss in the desert that have bone structures reminds me of skull Crawler

    Joy NabarteyJoy Nabartey14 soat oldin
  • All I want is a mod for minecraft that adds titanfall stuff.

    beta omegabeta omega14 soat oldin
  • Imagine Minecraft update is like you can tame dragons in The Nether

    MeMe16 soat oldin
  • bruh u should have called it lavarite

    jv gamingjv gaming17 soat oldin
  • If you are the owner of minecraft i wish you add them

    Charlie II CambaCharlie II Camba17 soat oldin
  • I have a idea can you make a boss which is from the jungle pls it's a king Kong please

    Norene BitabitNorene Bitabit17 soat oldin
  • Daniel you made the piranha plant from Mario

    Jordan Mandrila-ViazmenskyJordan Mandrila-Viazmensky18 soat oldin
  • Make a endemen golem bat zombie mob

    Dino PlaysDino Plays18 soat oldin
  • i love the dragon 10000000/10

    Husayn7860Husayn7860Kun oldin
  • Minecraft needs to hire you cus the mobs you make are something i need

    Zeb CraftZeb CraftKun oldin
  • super netherite??? FIRERITE!!!!

    Lia EsguerraLia EsguerraKun oldin
  • can you redesign a minecraft ravager?

    Ellen YuEllen YuKun oldin
  • Dont look up what the capital of syria is

    QwetzxlQwetzxlKun oldin
  • i also want to help

    The tiger ninga 🍁🍁The tiger ninga 🍁🍁Kun oldin
  • make the enderdragon to the witherdragon

    Michelle LicasMichelle LicasKun oldin
  • Could you plssssss make a nine tailed fox and make it white plsssssssssssssssssssssssssß

    Maribel BonaMaribel BonaKun oldin
  • Instead of leaf lega make a pot and the flytrap can just walk around by jumping and walk

    Yuni AyunYuni AyunKun oldin
  • Mojang be like TV : One more episode Ntflix : one more movie MOJANG : one more mob in the nether

    SkidSkidKun oldin
  • If I didn't play Minecraft before I would buy this

    Rhea-J SoliaiRhea-J SoliaiKun oldin
  • Don't you do the other people's comments do the cute pumpkin cat

    Elizabeth ReavisElizabeth ReavisKun oldin
  • Make a fe4rless play buttun

    Kenyon JayKenyon JayKun oldin
  • Make a 50 mil for wwe

    Delta Sierra AviationDelta Sierra AviationKun oldin
  • What was it leaf legs instead of root legs

    Thomas LeThomas LeKun oldin

    David DoezDavid DoezKun oldin
  • Wait a moment you cant create such a cool idea and then NOT ADD IT as a mod lmao

    TwinGuyTwinGuyKun oldin
  • Yo penguins of madagascar

    minebruh amogus 835e7eueminebruh amogus 835e7eueKun oldin
  • The leaf legs should be roots

    •QuilløZen••QuilløZen•Kun oldin
  • Can you please do pt 2 and please do this boss from the ice boyem(not ice spikes) and call it "polar bear king" he has a crown on top,the way he regenerates is by going in snow because the player can't see him,and when he reached half health,he will call all the polar bears and attacks you,he does have an part that you can hit for more damage,you can hit him in the head Edit:I HAD TO THINK OF ALL OF THIS MYSELF,it took me 20 minutes to think and 5 minutes to write it

    Alessia gamesAlessia gamesKun oldin
  • make this a mod alreadyyyyyyy

    DireGlitchesDireGlitches2 kun oldin
  • Magmanite armour?

    Ruby Cristie De GuzmanRuby Cristie De Guzman2 kun oldin
  • I am little man😁😁

    Alifathan DwizaAlifathan Dwiza2 kun oldin
  • Please don't just mob try biomes. Examples halloween biome. 😁😁😃😃

    Alifathan DwizaAlifathan Dwiza2 kun oldin
  • These are cool

    Ellen Mossman-GlazerEllen Mossman-Glazer2 kun oldin
  • Make a monkey boss + doctor oc

    Arjun bobsonArjun bobson2 kun oldin
  • When he said leamer my brain: the 4 elements of the avatar water earth fire and air long ago the four nations lived I-

    PugboiPugboi2 kun oldin
  • Please make a 50 mil play button for Marshmallow

    Wet_Pizza_SliceWet_Pizza_Slice2 kun oldin
  • Ay bro that fish cat from Battle cats looks pretty cool 😎

    Carson Gamer TVCarson Gamer TV2 kun oldin
  • as cool as always....

  • OwO is da best

    TheGamingDinosaurTheGamingDinosaur2 kun oldin
  • Daniel: shows king lemur Me: IS THAT KING JULIEN?!

    Polar Bear Day BoisPolar Bear Day Bois2 kun oldin
  • Make a minecraft dino

    Muh AfkarMuh Afkar2 kun oldin
  • Make the bosses said n game :(

    Random StuffRandom Stuff2 kun oldin
  • i think this might happen the dev: new update to minecraft with all new bosses including the nether dragon,the Venus fly-trap and the lemur king

    Thanatos greek god of deathThanatos greek god of death2 kun oldin
  • PewDiePie gave away his 100m subscriber award, you gonna make him one?

    Rad Red GuyRad Red Guy2 kun oldin
  • He just made King Julian

    vmct biterantavmct biteranta2 kun oldin
  • The king lemur look like king julian

    Prince ArsolonPrince Arsolon3 kun oldin
  • can you let us use your models

    sofoniyas sirawsofoniyas siraw3 kun oldin
  • ooh

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  • Everything doesn’t need teeth

    PumpPump3 kun oldin
  • You play minecraft

    Ying WuYing Wu3 kun oldin
  • we all need this in the GAME

    Cindy SalovaCindy Salova3 kun oldin
  • E

    Eve TanEve Tan3 kun oldin
  • Hey I’m a really big fan, I hope you accept my really spicy challenge. Challenge 1. can you create a demo dog. Challenge 2. Can you create a new lighting dragon. Challenge 3. Create a new sea monster. I hope you accept my challenges.

    Kaden ChowKaden Chow3 kun oldin
  • So jungle boss is king Julian

    phoenix draco gliderphoenix draco glider3 kun oldin
  • 0:46 that seems sad lol

    Amar SabediniAmar Sabedini3 kun oldin
  • you know I do like the Venus flytrap for like the flower for us but what I would change was for the legs I would have made them roots instead of leaves cuz you know how plants have Roots I feel like I'll be more like understandable than having leaves for the legs but I still like designed

    Layla gumdrop 136Layla gumdrop 1363 kun oldin
  • lemur king? JULION!! i like to move it move it LOL

    Dracah İsmailDracah İsmail3 kun oldin
  • Imagine if the warden had a boss 😳

    Ayyil GamesAyyil Games3 kun oldin
  • Nice nether dragon

    The Soe Htay FamilyThe Soe Htay Family3 kun oldin
  • Hii sub from mr beast

    Team X OfficialTeam X Official3 kun oldin
  • I saw the thumbnail and I was like OH MY GOD ITS GHIDORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(cuz he got 3 heads)

    meca Chiongmeca Chiong3 kun oldin
  • I subscribed because i love your 3D arts

    Troy GanoticeTroy Ganotice3 kun oldin
  • Can u make a boss for every single biom and then make a mod of them and do every thing in code on what they do and make a series called “surviving a world of my creations “

    OWNEROWNER3 kun oldin
    • Btw add more than bosses add like mechs guns make a base and u can get pets from killing bosses like a pet neither dragon but getting it would be a %5 chance so u gotta grind kill the bosses but for the neither dragon u gotta rekill the elder dragon to fight it again so it will be a pain and I love seeing ppl suffer :D

      OWNEROWNER3 kun oldin
  • Shh make him a mod with all your bosses and send to him pls

    Doggo gaming and funDoggo gaming and fun3 kun oldin
  • I give the lava dragon 7/10 beacuse ADD MORE TEXTURE but its looks awesome

    Cool Boy Gaming 44Cool Boy Gaming 443 kun oldin
    • Nvm I give it 10/10 to cool

      Cool Boy Gaming 44Cool Boy Gaming 443 kun oldin
  • OR for the fly trap instead of using instead leaf legs you could make it where he travel underground

    Muzan's PTSDMuzan's PTSD3 kun oldin
  • What app do you edit on name

    Ashalee StephensAshalee Stephens3 kun oldin
  • Hey you should use MCreator you would not need to code

    gaming with jaylengaming with jaylen3 kun oldin
  • Remake the villagers and iron golem

    AMVAMV3 kun oldin
  • While fighting the lemur king, I like to move it move it would be playing on loop while chasing him

    GravastarGravastar3 kun oldin
  • Why leaf legs why not roots, it could borrow roots under you and slow you down and move like a spider?

    Annie BradwelllAnnie Bradwelll3 kun oldin
  • the new armour should've been called "Magmanite"

    d8ked8ke3 kun oldin
  • i am new here and i want to know what you use

    Jennifer BoroughJennifer Borough3 kun oldin
  • the fossils in the soul sand valley are the nether dragon’s bones

    Ilonggo -Caviteno -Americano CorderoIlonggo -Caviteno -Americano Cordero3 kun oldin
  • Krafft Shaders would be hhhhouuh

    Laine RallyvideosLaine Rallyvideos3 kun oldin
  • Lmao the dragon was great

    Germán MarínGermán Marín3 kun oldin
  • instead of super netherite maybe call it magmarite

    pokeartpokeart3 kun oldin
  • Play Minecraft with these mods

    Hiroshi gamingHiroshi gaming3 kun oldin
  • Make copper golem :D

    KingBRziMKingBRziM3 kun oldin
  • bro the dragon in the thumbnail is ghidorah

    TaterTotsTaterTots3 kun oldin
  • Can you do the allay

    Tanvir ShahidTanvir Shahid3 kun oldin
  • The dragon is cool

    Audrey SarannyamAudrey Sarannyam3 kun oldin
  • **censors dragon even though it was in the thumbnail **

    TheLegoDragonSlayer BuildTheLegoDragonSlayer Build3 kun oldin
  • For the next remodeling mc mobs series how about the Allay, Glare and copper golem?

    CoolKidsCoolKids3 kun oldin
  • I want you to make videos faster

    Jaccob LivingstonJaccob Livingston3 kun oldin