I have 3 names

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Yuklab olish

Ko‘rishlar soni


  • Have you guys tried beef hayashi rice before? For those of you wondering what it tastes like, it's a love child between beef bolognese and demi-glace sauce. It's super easy to make, so give it a try doobies -3-

    DoobydobapDoobydobap15 kun oldin
    • Recipe please

      Sofea AdenanSofea Adenan15 soat oldin
    • Please show us how to make. Looks wonderful. Also your eggs are amazing. I just started getting good, but looks like I have a way to go

      Adam MercerAdam Mercer15 soat oldin
    • No

      Kpop ScenarioKpop ScenarioKun oldin
    • Same with me...i have 3names too,,,my name born is aang,my church name andri, aang is my chineese name,when i 14 years old, i must change my name to indonesian name, yes the name is stanley. So i have 3 names Aang, Andri, Stanley..😁😁

      Stanley AangStanley AangKun oldin
    • @киска Yes I was looking for a recipe....I have to make this

      Emily SmithEmily SmithKun oldin
  • True i have a lot of names too

    TheAmazingJackTheAmazingJackSoat oldin
  • i have three names :) one is a nickname everyone calls me. second is my real first name, and third is just something i came up with :D

    Jea OoJea OoSoat oldin
  • When I lived abroad, I didn’t expect people to pronounce my name in a native English accent because it contained syllables that didn’t exist in their language. Having a nickname isn’t necessarily meant to be offensive. It’s funny how Americans like to project their racial politics to other countries as if they think they are the sole authority on racism.

    D KD K3 soat oldin
  • is it weird i’ve known like 4 korean people with the ‘english’ name tina??? is it a coincidence or is it a really common name in the US

    le unole uno3 soat oldin
  • This girl is so cute

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  • I hate you

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  • I like u

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  • Tbh I love em all .

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  • I have three names too.. i don't really know about other countries, but in Finland It's common to have two/three names. For example first name: Sarah middle name: Emily 3th name: Rebbeca last name: Hills (Not My real Name)

    Basicallycora :PBasicallycora :P6 soat oldin
  • Oh my I have the same SHREK lamp lol

    Nittikorn ChianNittikorn Chian8 soat oldin
  • Made me hungry

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  • dooby maryjane maria juana

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  • When i was born my parents kept name as sandwana but when i joined pre school they used to write the wrong spellin as they didnt have alphabets that pronounced my name in their language. They chanced my name when i was 3 or so to Gayathri which is now used as official name but my friends do call me chandana which is second name and then there is some people who cant pronounce either of these names so i have a nick name hana😅

    Gayathri ChandanaGayathri Chandana9 soat oldin
  • Konnor isn’t my birth name. Hell, it isn’t on anything official. It’s a name I chose and adapted for myself. My birth name is great and I love it but it’s (strangely) hard to pronounce, easy to make fun of, and is a little too feminine for me sometimes. Konnor is the thing I can introduce myself as online without that sort of baggage my birth name has, easier to say and understand. I have friends that know my birth name but prefer to use Konnor and I like that just fine. I see the two as just different parts of myself that go together. Like cinnamon and apples in a pie.

    Konnor MKonnor M9 soat oldin
  • I love you

    Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson9 soat oldin
  • I was soo not focus on thr voice but the food that i didnt listen...

    Carina MacCarina Mac11 soat oldin
  • I just want what you made here.

    B DizzleB Dizzle12 soat oldin
  • My name is relatively easy but American’s pronounce vowels differently than they do in the language I speak at home so I decided to use the English translation, sky, instead.

    SkySky13 soat oldin
  • ‘and on the internet now, I’m dooby’ PLZZZ WHY DID THAT MAKE ME CACKLE

    Melanie SutthiphosuwanMelanie Sutthiphosuwan13 soat oldin
  • yeah i have 2 names, the name my family calls me is ehsan but my american name is ace lol, same with my dad, his name is moustafa (btw im half Egyptian, hes Egyptian) but is american name is steve

    ehsehs14 soat oldin
  • Never thought about it like this... (Tl;Dr: I just use my English name because it was always more convenient. Takes less time, easier to say and i dont have to spend too much effort trying to get someone to say my name correctly.) For me it was always a manner of convenience. My actual name is troublesome for people to pronounce and my American name is much easier/more common so I just have people who dont speak my language call me by my English name and tell my other name to people that do speak my language. It takes two seconds to tell someone my name in English but it takes three minutes to get someone to pronounce my actual name correctly. It just wasnt worth the effort growing up. I dont care if someone refers to me by my actual name, my English name, or any of my online names. To me it's just a name. I can change my name a hundred times and it doesn't change who I am. Idk. I just never understood the desire nor the need to cling to any particular name like some other people do. Yeah it's my culture and whatever but people can still respect my culture without me forcing them to sound like an idiot for mispronouncing the same name a dozen times.

    MonochromeMonochrome15 soat oldin
  • Girl who DOESNT know who Tina turner is?!? Quite literally a legend. Looks delicious btw 😋

    Anya TheOverlordAnya TheOverlord17 soat oldin
  • I went to school with my friend from Vietnam and he went by jerry because his other name was Phuc and well ig you can’t have kids going around saying that out of context 😅

    Tyler LeeTyler Lee17 soat oldin
  • I also have 3 names lol my name is Michelle Macarena Elizabeth

    it's mimiit's mimi18 soat oldin
  • Damn a Staub nice

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  • She perfectly cooked those eggs. Most people burn them.

    Nicholas CooperNicholas Cooper19 soat oldin
  • This looks just like omurice so yummy

    Anon & YmousAnon & Ymous19 soat oldin
  • As an American I felt offended when you said the school REQUIRED you to have an American name……that’s just wrong. Why should you have to change your name to mold to our culture?? If the teacher’s entire job is based around teaching and learning, why would they not want to LEARN how to say your actual name…

    Kat xxKat xx20 soat oldin
  • I was adopted, The name I use is Julene a basque name but my second name is Gonan Xiao, I was borned in china☺️

    Julene Regulez EgañaJulene Regulez Egaña20 soat oldin
  • Wrong key boo 😩

    Lil’ MonsterLil’ Monster22 soat oldin
  • Yeah, I had to get a second name and use it in school coz of the same reason. It's a nice name, but I hate it coz I had to change my identity for someone's comfort. So yeah,

    buhle nxumalobuhle nxumalo23 soat oldin
  • If you confess with your and believe in your heart that Jesus is king and rose again you will be saved.

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  • Jesus Loves You and died for your sins. Have a great day!❤️

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  • Not her breaking into song 😂😭

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  • I need your makeup routine 🥺💜

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  • bestie same my name Alia other one is Lia and Devi or Keila

    Shanice ClousonShanice ClousonKun oldin
  • As a former preschool teacher this is not okay. It's a micro aggression to mispronounce it casually but as a rule it's outright a racist macro aggression. This is why whiteness should not be the default.

    Jasmine Herisse-PackardJasmine Herisse-PackardKun oldin
    • Can I just add something? It’s a micro aggression to mispronounce a name on purpose, not by accident. Some people have a hard time pronouncing certain words just in general, including me. There’s some words that I can barely say, no matter how hard I try to say them correctly. Speech impediments and vocal issues are also a thing to take into consideration. If I say someone’s name wrong, I expect them to correct me so I can learn how to say it. If I don’t know how to say it firsthand, I’ll ask before continuing. I may be white, but I feel like I have the right to share my opinion on this because my name is a guessing game for most people. It’s one of those names where you can either say it one way or another, and people always say it the wrong way. Since I work in customer service, I’m correcting people every week. Even after I correct people, sometimes they’ll still say it wrong. It’s annoying. It’s okay to say a name wrong the first time. It’s okay to not know how to pronounce something. However, that’s when you just need to learn how to pronounce it so it stops being an issue.

      Totally Not A Cardboard BoxTotally Not A Cardboard Box26 daqiqa oldin
  • I'm muslim and I can't drink or eat food that have mixture of alcohol , what can I add to replace wine/alcohol ?

  • Im an Asian kid and i also have 3 names but like not the same way for you

    pineapple kitty catpineapple kitty catKun oldin
  • And by the way, that's perfect omelette ( idk how to spell it, sorry )

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  • I think it's ok to have an English name but I always like to try learning people's original names. Sometimes they aren't too different either like my friend "Peter" is actually Piotr. Not that hard to pronounce either but I guess I get why he changed it. Probably much less explaining to people with "Peter"

    Carlie FlowersCarlie FlowersKun oldin
  • Girl we need a recipe 😍 That shit looks bussin bussin 🤑

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  • I have a Korean friend, his name is Jeong Wu, and his Catholic name is Isaac Yeon.

    KPOP_is LOVE 💜💜KPOP_is LOVE 💜💜Kun oldin
  • Tina with that Omuuuurice ❤️

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  • I have 2 legal names and one online name =0

    Obey AritallyObey AritallyKun oldin
  • You have to watch her videos twice for full effect 👀👂🏻

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  • That song takes me back....

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  • In South Africa its common to also have more than 1 name... I have three names which I can use for anything. And we get our names from. Our parents, grandparents or other close family members. Lolnd English or Apartheid names(commonly called) are a norm causr black names are not easy to pronounce for white folks sometimes

    Katleho LetsaboKatleho LetsaboKun oldin
  • My cats name is doobie too but it's spelled differently lol

    Lazar MarkovicLazar MarkovicKun oldin
  • I got 3 names too, its: Anastasia Stacy Ana

    Настя ИвановаНастя ИвановаKun oldin
  • why does everything that she make looks so goooooood!!!!!!!

    warrior wolfwarrior wolfKun oldin
  • i have three names too,, they're just what my parents named me. mae is actually just my innitials :P

    Mae ParkMae ParkKun oldin
  • I have 2 names

    HuntersdomainHuntersdomainKun oldin
  • Never do that again

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  • I have 2 names Moe Aung and in my language Moe means rain because I was born in the rain and my other name is Aung Twi

    RainRainKun oldin
  • Ain’t nobody calling you oONgsaH not American enough sorry

    SunnySunnyKun oldin
  • Moving between countries can be difficult to say the least! I admire your resilience and I celebrate you making lemonade out of what could be lemons !

    Avyboy28Avyboy28Kun oldin
  • I think most immigrant children have that happen atleast African ones because in my culture we inherit names, usually our grandparents, and on my moms side you’re named by the time you were born and that’s how people actually address each other, our western names are just for documentation and school

    SamanthaSamanthaKun oldin
  • I actually have two names so when i was born my parents named me without waiting for my grandpa and he wanted to be the one to name me really bad so when we got there i was already named Allaith or Laith for short and he was really mad and insisted on changing my name no matter what and he even took me to court as a kid to do a name change thing and in the end i somehow ended up with two names Laith or Allaith and Mustafa which is the same as my grandpas name

    Mustafa AlawierMustafa AlawierKun oldin
  • Does she know what a dooby is?

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  • I'm half Japanese half white, so my parents purposefully picked Japanese names that are easy for white people to say. That way my family on both sides can say my name easily

    JapanadianJapanadianKun oldin
  • For Asian people having more than 1 name is common thing..

    Suparna BeraSuparna BeraKun oldin
  • THE FOOD! 😍😍😍😍😍

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  • I want recipe

    Naive DaysダニエルNaive Daysダニエル2 kun oldin
  • I’m glad she likes her names but I can’t help but feel sad that children are forced to have “American” names because we choose to be ignorant to other cultures.

    AshlyMayAshlyMay2 kun oldin
    • It's the truth!

      Jasmine Herisse-PackardJasmine Herisse-PackardKun oldin
  • Saranghaeee

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  • Can someone drop the full recipe pleeeease it looks so good

    Veronica OlivieriVeronica Olivieri2 kun oldin
  • That food looks amazing 🤤

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  • I didn’t try it but now I will and good thing I have the ingredients

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  • I have a Chinese name which is my official name, and my English name, which is my nickname, called Mimi. My parents and family all call me by that, and my Chinese official name is used by my friends and classmates, just everyone besides my family. I’ve seen people struggle to pronounce it but I usually just try to correct them. It doesn’t happen much though everyone used to mispronounce it last time, now not so much. It’s funny how only my family who was full southern Chinese use my nickname, mainly because I was born in the rat year and I loved rice, so, 米米, is rice rice in Chinese, yk what I mean. My third name is what everyone on the internet calls me by, on Discord, Social media besides UZgreen. It’s Sheep which doesn’t make much sense lol I just thought it was cute And on UZgreen I’m Fat cat, though it’s just made by Fat, I see myself as fat (in a good way) And cat, Mimi, which is a common name for cats

    Fat CatFat Cat2 kun oldin
  • She’s dooby now

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  • Do you know bts cuz you live in south korea I mean everybody know but are a fan... Pls answer this

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  • I love your clips! ❤🥰😍😊

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  • Finally someone who have same name as me

    - Teena -- Teena -2 kun oldin
  • Wait I just watched a video by you that you said you learned Engish from the suite life. But this one says you were enrolled at an English speaking kindergarten.

    kat_the_kiwikat_the_kiwi2 kun oldin
  • OMGOODNESS! My mouth is watering! This looks absolutely delicious!!!!

    Nicole HerbigNicole Herbig2 kun oldin
  • WHY ALWAYS SUCH BIG SPOONS?? Get a normal spoon ffs

    Larry the cableguyLarry the cableguy2 kun oldin
  • I have 2 namds

    H3ll0 K1tt7H3ll0 K1tt72 kun oldin
  • I also have three names

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  • I love you

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  • Ewwwwww!!!!!

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  • How does she not gain weight

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  • I don't have a name- i don't have a birth certificate

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  • The shit looked so good dawg I really opened my mouth, ya boi is down bad tremendously 😔

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  • It's kinda sad the school made you change your name

    Mandy LynnMandy Lynn2 kun oldin
  • "They made us get an American name" oh Chile the imperialism

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  • Squid games makes so much more sense now

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  • Tina, my scat queen….marry me

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  • That looks delicious.

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  • Wow doody,, you make me want to try types of food i would never think about..

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  • ...they REQUIRED IT?!?...Jeezums

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  • I had to watch this like 4 times to hear what you actually said.. the food looks so good that I couldn't focus

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  • 👉🥺👈 South Africa is amazing, you should definitely visit

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  • I have several names cuz I am trans and a furry with multiple fursonas lmfao. I have my deadname, my name Tim, Rhodie, Jared, and Henry. I respond to all of them (cannot transition or be out due to external circumstances) and nobody seems to be confused by it lol.

    Fuzzy BuzzyFuzzy Buzzy2 kun oldin
  • ..I had several names. Like my birth names is like two names combine. Ex, Harry Potter. The difference is, I don't have a family name. Ex, Potter from Harry Potter is part of a single person name and not being shared by the rest of the family. Instead when I used my formal names for government paperwork it will be Harry Potter the son/daughter of James ( Paternal name). My name will be super long. My family is weird because we used two names per person this way instead of chose one names. Also my family called me Yein. ( Abbreviate from the sound of my names ) and in my school or workplaces ,people usually called me V or Miss V because it's much easier to pronounce and my names tend to be mouthfull. People using my " mouthfull names" is just strangers. Every time people said that names, tend to leave an impression of they are summoning some sort of Eldritch monster from the abyss, because they tend to mispronounce it and my heart ache ominously.

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  • Do you hear the scooby dooby doo song before? Just asking

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  • My name is Brice but most call me by my birth name Dragon

    BKBK2 kun oldin