Lightyear | Teaser Trailer

To infinity and … 🚀 Experience the origin story of a Space Ranger in Disney and Pixar’s , in theaters Summer 2022. 💫

Check out a brand-new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s “Lightyear,” an original feature film releasing June 17, 2022. The sci-fi action-adventure presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear-the hero who inspired the toy-introducing the legendary Space Ranger who would win generations of fans.

Chris Evans lends his voice to Buzz. Annie Award-winning director and veteran Pixar animator Angus MacLane helms “Lightyear.” Galyn Susman produces.


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  • this is just so unexpected

    alvin Ipalvin Ip3 soat oldin
  • Woody in the old days: YOU ARE A TOY! 2022:I'm not a toy I'm a guy who goes to Mars 1 hour

    larklark3 soat oldin
  • I was not expecting this. He has hair.

    Virgil VillaniVirgil Villani3 soat oldin
  • Does this remind anyone else of Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command?

    ApertureCeres Cosmic StudiosApertureCeres Cosmic Studios3 soat oldin
  • Definitely hits the hype and nostalgia notes for me but not having Tim Allen is a deal breaker for me. I'm out. Enjoy everyone.

    Metallic ArchaeaMetallic Archaea3 soat oldin
  • To infinity and assemble

    John EdillorJohn Edillor3 soat oldin
  • Wait buzz is a human?!?

    John EdillorJohn Edillor3 soat oldin

    Delune OutdoorDelune Outdoor3 soat oldin
  • Dude this makes me feel so much. I’ve loved the toy story series as a kid. I knew, after number, we would never stop going beyond. “To infinity, and BEYOND!”

    Luke PhillipsLuke Phillips3 soat oldin
  • I think that rocketman from Elton John also would fit in this trailer perfectly

    Cas FaaseCas Faase3 soat oldin
  • Fun Fact : Lightyear is a brand (tire) that Lightning M'Queen use on his race

    Minan FaizMinan Faiz3 soat oldin
  • 1:17 is that Zurg?

    Bakbao ?Bakbao ?3 soat oldin
  • With the number of appearances The Rock makes in movies 🌴, I was pleasantly surprised to see Chris Evans haha 😂

    cameron singhcameron singh3 soat oldin
  • Yoooooo lets go it’s gonna be great

    Laser BoyLaser Boy3 soat oldin
  • What did Woody say to Buzz Lightyear? *A lot of stuff, there's 4 whole movies plus some short films.*

    James SlatteryJames Slattery3 soat oldin
  • Star man waiting is the sky...

    ALKA SINGH✅ALKA SINGH✅3 soat oldin
  • This is actually really cool

    The Two Faced PhantomThe Two Faced Phantom3 soat oldin
  • The phrase "look buzz an alien!" Will have a whole new meaning after this movie...

    LeaderOfTheSpooksLeaderOfTheSpooks3 soat oldin
  • Woody: release my solo cowboy movie

    NIDHIN B.S.NIDHIN B.S.3 soat oldin
  • 👍

    Efe ÖzdemirEfe Özdemir3 soat oldin
  • This honestly feels like a Joke. But I'm completely on board with this.

    Blu Moon VABlu Moon VA3 soat oldin
  • Mano....

    PsykosPsykos3 soat oldin
  • What’ll this be rated you figure?

    Daniel XDaniel X3 soat oldin
  • When do we get the Mrs Nesbitt Spinoff?

    CMDR ScorpionCMDR Scorpion3 soat oldin
  • Woody: Western when?

    jinho08jinho083 soat oldin
  • Love it

    TheK1t3TheK1t33 soat oldin
  • Feels like Pixar is making another adult-themed movie like Incredibles

    Cole WCole W3 soat oldin
  • Time to be a kid again. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Timothy BrasfieldTimothy Brasfield3 soat oldin
  • 1:29 *this pic goes hard* *Feel free to screenshot*

    Crafting LegoCrafting Lego3 soat oldin
  • 777

    G-AME SPOTG-AME SPOT3 soat oldin
  • One heck of a trailer

    SighSigh3 soat oldin
  • Yes. Let the childhood dream come to life!

    TheGift137TheGift1373 soat oldin
  • my childhood ❤❤❤

    Jezreel SantosJezreel Santos3 soat oldin
  • Meh.

    Stick In The MudStick In The Mud3 soat oldin
  • Man I love the realistic-ish yet cartoony designs, the last movie that did em well that I can remember is the adventures of tintin which is one of my all time fav movies so am glad they brought it back for this

    Lost MarkLost Mark3 soat oldin
  • Whoaa

    Mack RooneMack Roone3 soat oldin
  • I hope the sidekicks get atleast hinted at I actually wonder how close to the old cartoon it will be? At the very least we need zurg and his BFG

    slug catslug cat3 soat oldin
  • God Lightyear

    Manuel HernándezManuel Hernández3 soat oldin
  • "Anant se bhi aageee".......- buzz lightyear. Iconic dialogue from the hindi dub of toy story franchise.

    Joy DasJoy Das3 soat oldin
  • *So THAT’S what his hair looks like 😊*

    •Murray• •HeleneJ••Murray• •HeleneJ•3 soat oldin
  • Beyond..

    alera tayloralera taylor3 soat oldin
  • To infinity………..AND BEYOND

    Deluxe 1of1Deluxe 1of13 soat oldin
  • Yo

    soham csoham c3 soat oldin
  • A lot of spambots in the comments atm. Just reminding people to not only report the messages but open up their profile and report the channel itself for spam/scam.

    TumbleflopTumbleflop3 soat oldin
  • I thought Ace Rimmer had his own movie for a moment. What a guy.

    virgilm3 4242virgilm3 42423 soat oldin
  • I was hoping that Tim Allen was going to voice buzz.

    Juddy 360Juddy 3603 soat oldin
  • Who gave buzz the rtx 3090

    SashimiSashimi3 soat oldin
  • To Infinity and Beyond!!!! Literally every kids favourite toy.

    fred banesfred banes3 soat oldin
  • Next up: Woody in the Wild West™

    Massimo FiorentinoMassimo Fiorentino3 soat oldin
  • Kitty

    Claudia JordanClaudia Jordan3 soat oldin
  • Buzz Clooney confirmed

    Terry CTerry C3 soat oldin
  • this looks amazing! I'm excited to see the film Andy saw

    mutinymutiny3 soat oldin
  • It's falling with style 🚀

    Jodie TotmanJodie Totman3 soat oldin
  • how elon musk sees himself : buzz in lightyear how world sees him : buzz in toy story

    ughmughm3 soat oldin
  • But why?

    SenpaiSenpai3 soat oldin
  • Bruh people out here referencing toy story instead of actual buzz lightyear series makes me a huge boomer

    boof koosherboof koosher3 soat oldin
  • we finally saw buzz's hair

    Angelica RazAngelica Raz3 soat oldin
  • Today was a good day.

    I'm Not BiggieI'm Not Biggie3 soat oldin

    geoffrey nelsongeoffrey nelson3 soat oldin
  • A game would be dope

    G6MarG6Mar3 soat oldin
    • Agreed I would love a game with this kind of graphics.

      HeroHubHeroHub3 soat oldin
  • Im ready for epicness.

    JetPlayzRBJetPlayzRB3 soat oldin
  • To Infinity, and BEYOND!

    Coolman227Coolman2273 soat oldin
  • Very very excited, this would be coolest movie of Toy Story Franchise. To Infinity And Beyond!!!!!

    Aryanshu KumarAryanshu Kumar3 soat oldin
  • This pic goes hard feel free to screenshot

    exploring with nicoexploring with nico3 soat oldin
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    JAY CHOUJAY CHOU3 soat oldin
  • Surprisingly looks good

    Inaka AdventureInaka Adventure3 soat oldin
  • 日本語版声優はやっぱり所ジョージさんかな?

    デンデン無視デンデン無視3 soat oldin
  • Woody : *FOR THE THOUSAND TIMES , YOU ARE A TOY !!!* Buzz : Its complicated

  • Wait, buzz isnt bald?

    McDonalds BadWifiMcDonalds BadWifi3 soat oldin
  • And make the movie PG?

    Toni FigueroaToni Figueroa3 soat oldin
  • The tech design is so Star Wars / anime, and i'm loving it!

    stillwatersrundeepstillwatersrundeep3 soat oldin
  • Am i the only one who feels this movie is unnecessary? Like this movie doesn’t interest me at all, and I’m a huge Pixar fanatic

    Frida Martin-SpisakFrida Martin-Spisak3 soat oldin
  • If it isn't Tim Allen, it isn't Buzz

    BenBen3 soat oldin
  • So I guess we will have a western where Woody is real next?

    Deconverted ManDeconverted Man3 soat oldin
    • Sounds good to me 👍

      HeroHubHeroHub3 soat oldin
  • This is my 10th time watching and I'm still blown away by it.

    Cayne PandanCayne Pandan3 soat oldin
  • *Alicia:* To infinity... *Buzz Lightyear:* And... *Every single one of us: And beyond!... :')*

    Pikos ApikosPikos Apikos3 soat oldin
  • So is this what Buzz Lightyear has in mind all the time? hehehe, at the end of the movie will realize that is just a toy. XD

    Juan SanJuan San3 soat oldin

    F8LF8L3 soat oldin
  • Can you also put Turning Red and Lightyear on Disney+?

    Toni FigueroaToni Figueroa3 soat oldin
  • another pixar animation movie another sad ending

    Joshua UltraJoshua Ultra3 soat oldin
  • The new star wars be lookin kinda wack.

    bucket of universe'sbucket of universe's3 soat oldin
  • Spoiler alert Zurg is buzz's father

    Alvin xyzAlvin xyz3 soat oldin
  • I got goosebumps when they said “to infinity and…”. I just know this movie is going to be great

    King CCKing CC3 soat oldin
  • Hey Guys Look! It’s the REAL Buzz Lightyear!!!!!!!!

    TraceurHarryG1TraceurHarryG13 soat oldin
  • i haven’t heard david bowie’s starman in a movie since The Martian, and boy this makes me feel so nostalgic. it just fits so well in the trailer!

    arkark3 soat oldin
  • Why?! Why Disney would make another Toy Story spin-off, not a normal movie?! I understand that is fine, but filming the continuation probably will be better at most.

    BranchBranch3 soat oldin
  • Is funny people can still believe there is out space.

    Jerry J J Jerry J J 3 soat oldin

    TwifeedTwifeed3 soat oldin
  • Dreams do come true 😍

    DirtyDufflebaggerDirtyDufflebagger3 soat oldin
  • It's like Wall-E and Toy Story have a baby.. I'm cryingg

    GpaderxGpaderx3 soat oldin
  • This movie is meme material

    Dellapry ArliandroDellapry Arliandro3 soat oldin
  • To​ infinity​ Sky​

    Stupid cat unlovedStupid cat unloved3 soat oldin
  • I have to pay full price just to hear buzz complete his catchphrase

    Purple GuyPurple Guy3 soat oldin
  • He lowkey looks Like Doomguy

    MagentaMagenta3 soat oldin
  • 0:53 looks like chris evans in his childhood

    Ben Fun GamingBen Fun Gaming3 soat oldin
  • The music gives chills .......

    Ben Fun GamingBen Fun Gaming3 soat oldin
  • Oh OK that's what Buzz hair look like

    Branden WalkerBranden Walker3 soat oldin
  • Wow, everyone thought is was Spiderman: No way Home Trailer, After an announcement that a big disney trailer is coming out

    Murali DharanMurali Dharan3 soat oldin
  • This is how he became a hero and an action figure ❤️

    MeetYourGod671MeetYourGod6713 soat oldin