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Okay guys... you know I am in love with my house, but to make it my home, it is ever-changing.I always want to keep up with my style and try out new things, and as I live in it, there are things that work and there are things that don't. Today I tackled different areas in my house that need a little upgrade!

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0:00 - intro
1:34 - entryway
3:50 - lunch break
6:12 - bathroom
8:13 - shopping day
9:09 - parents house
9:45 - thrifting
12:26 - fireplace
17:03 - entryway
22:12 - gallery wall
23:55 - tv stand
27:21 - final touches
28:24 - reveal


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  • I binged watched this series & I enjoyed every single minute of it. I am left wanting more.

    Magnolia House DesignMagnolia House Design10 daqiqa oldin
  • I think you should put the plum in the powder room.justsayin...

    Marilyn PattersonMarilyn Patterson18 daqiqa oldin
  • The brown in the water closet is gorgeous! Please don’t doubt what you like vs what others like!!

    Mercedes WinterMercedes WinterSoat oldin
  • They have towel holders that go over drawers. Not permanent may not look 100% but no holes 💖

    The Black Cat Magic StoreThe Black Cat Magic Store2 soat oldin
  • Oh man, I wasn’t a fan of the green fireplace until you painted over it. It was so much more softening to the room. And yeah….still can’t deal with the 💩 coloured 💩 room lol

    RandomAs77RandomAs778 soat oldin
  • Love all the changes, but to be honest, still don’t like the brown in the bathroom. I was also expecting the gallery wall to be the side wall(s), not the wall behind the toilet.

    Cheryl PhippsCheryl Phipps15 soat oldin
  • Love the plum fireplace and the brown toilet room 😊

    Mrs SMrs S18 soat oldin
  • TOTALLY agree with putting it in the side of the vanity than in the tile. Fixture styles change so much.

    Kristy JoyKristy Joy22 soat oldin
  • I love the bathroom so much!

    M JM JKun oldin
  • I’ve always liked the toilet room brown 🤷‍♀️

    Danielle YvetteDanielle YvetteKun oldin
  • I really don’t like the brown in the bathroom. Also wouldn’t like my grandparents stare at me while I do my business. Sorry not sorry :)

    Jennifer EskandarionJennifer EskandarionKun oldin
  • The mantle should be a different color

    Andre LotscherAndre Lotscher2 kun oldin
  • The fireplace color is perfect, and I’ve always liked the brown in the bathroom. It’s very you. Don’t let others’ differing opinions get you down about it, it’s your space and it’s beautiful. 🖤✨

    tin snips & scissorstin snips & scissors2 kun oldin
  • Love the fireplace! My Nana had that plum color all over her house growing up!

    Wesley CoxWesley Cox2 kun oldin
  • Bathroom hint: Turn the toilet paper holder 180' so the roll does not fall off when you pull. Same goes for the hand towel bar...

    Lisa ThompsonLisa Thompson3 kun oldin
  • It would help if you tried doing the tv frame (like Becky) with the same wood as the console.

    Shriya AroraShriya Arora3 kun oldin
  • I wasn’t sure about the colour on the fireplace but it turned out great. Defines the space. Thank you for sharing 👍🇨🇦

    jan wardjan ward3 kun oldin
  • Put it into your tile. It'd be a pain but you can replace the tile, you can't fix a hole in a wood vanity.

    Cole WellsCole Wells3 kun oldin
  • I would never comment so negatively, but you asked for honesty, so here goes; I'm just not a fan of the colors on the fireplace or in the water closet. I love the way you styled both, but the colors just wouldn't be my choice. However, I feel like with the fireplace, although I don't love the plum color, it might look better if you broke up the color with a nice wooden mantle to match your floor and your custom tv cabinet . Same in the water closet. I just think you should add some natural elements in there by sanding the storage doors and the top and staining them a nice light natural wood. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    KiKi RowlandKiKi Rowland3 kun oldin
  • I like the bathroom

    Fiona ClarkeFiona Clarke3 kun oldin
  • Just. Wow.

    julieanna77julieanna773 kun oldin
  • Hey there! Your coupon code is no longer working. Since there's not any expiration date, can you check? I'd love to buy a set of cookware. Thank you and love you gals!!

    Monica RedmanMonica Redman3 kun oldin
  • You should find a frame for that unframed photo in the bathroom, it might warp with a bit of moisture in that room.

    tvaholictvaholic4 kun oldin
  • I’ve always loved the brown color. And the PLUM? It’s giving everything. I find most people don’t like unusual colors because there so stuck on trends and being “safe”. It’s boring. Change it up sometimes. Love both colors!

    sienna robinsonsienna robinson4 kun oldin
  • I was skeptical of the fireplace color but HOLY WOW SO PRETTY!

    G gG g4 kun oldin
  • yes kelsey… i think i like that brown…

    daielesigndaielesign4 kun oldin
  • Nope sorry still hate the brown And the fireplace does read more brown then plum....but great job in the execution I do really like the single color combo on the fireplace/wall looks way more cohesive now. Love the console! He did a great job!

    Sarah R. TrenchardSarah R. Trenchard4 kun oldin
  • Regarding the towel holder you can silicone it to the tile. Use tape to secure. Once it sets it will hold like it’s screwed in. And if you ever decide you want to take it down you can cut it out and clean up the silicone. I’ve down this with magnetic knife holders on my kitchen tile and it works like a charm.

    Aida HagglundAida Hagglund4 kun oldin
  • I like both versions of the living area, but the new colors are perfect for the upcoming Fall. I liked the toilet room brown, but now think it would look awesome painted the same plum color as the fireplace....😁

    MerryBeeMerryBee4 kun oldin
  • Not wanting to make permanent changes to a home is the reason I bought toilet paper holders that are stick on. I did not want to commit to drilling into the wall although realistically it would never need to change places lol

    burnt marshmallowburnt marshmallow4 kun oldin
  • Thinner longer screw into the grout line Kels 🤣

    Bri AnnBri Ann5 kun oldin
  • Looks so much more cozy now!!

    Kat 4Ever FreeKat 4Ever Free5 kun oldin
  • I was so uncertain about the fireplace colour until the after shots, and now I LOVE it! And bringing the door colour along the walls and built-ins was definitely the right call. Still hate the toilet room colour though, sorry!

    Natalie HarmanNatalie Harman5 kun oldin
  • where did you get the large mirror with the round edges?? I love it

    Jasmine BookerJasmine Booker5 kun oldin
  • I always liked the brown poop room but now with the more vintage gallery wall it looks more intentional and put together!

    MadeleineMadeleine5 kun oldin
  • I love the new fireplace colour. I was a huge fan of the sage green so when you said you were repainting it I was dissapointed, but I totally agree that you have so much sagey green elsewhere that the house wants a different colour, and the deep plum brown is just so rich and warm is works so well for the fireplace and makes that spot look like a luxury hotel lounge (in the best way possible). Also I've always been team brown bathroom. The warmth is great for the small space and with the shape of the cabinets it makes me think of a chocolate bar more than poop lol.

    cgwondercgwonder6 kun oldin
  • I like the brown!

    Lu Pa JoLu Pa Jo6 kun oldin
  • Initially I thought it was crazy to paint over that beautiful green but after seeing the before and after shots I def get it, it feels way more homey now and the mirror looks less awkward in the space. Only "dislike" (which might just be a camera vs irl thing) is it kinda looks like the mix of the new colors don't work that well together, the plum brings out too much of the green tones in the beige and the the green in return makes the fireplace area look more burgundy/brown than plum. 😆

    ElleElle6 kun oldin
  • All looks fabulous. You definitely have a creative mind and are open to changes. The two old photos that unframed in your bathroom: Grandpa next to his plane & Grandparents together (uncertain.) due to their age, I think framing them will keep them in good shape to last. I really enjoy all your changes. Glad you have friends and family to help you. 👍😎

    M SmithM Smith6 kun oldin
  • I sooo agree with your Dad. Only make changes that can be reversed later. Haven't you ever moved into a place that had a hole drilled somewhere that made no sense? What were those people thinking? Pthhht. Not about re-sale value, I think. Your tile was a very big, expensive project. Ask future Kelsey what she would want.

    mailie dmailie d6 kun oldin
  • I would’ve kept the green fireplace and added curtains and cushions on that bench to add extra color

    kaye knustkaye knust6 kun oldin
  • lady, i like you but maybe consider giving up on using 50 shades of sh*t in your home again and again? also lowkey i really liked that color too idk im confused

    ulrike elibelindeulrike elibelinde6 kun oldin
  • I honestly didn’t think the color was gonna work on the fireplace. I still have issues with the Symmetry of the lamps on other side but I love the look of the fireplace now compared to when it was green. Even if you had left a green and just brought it all the way up, I would’ve liked that. No issues with either color. Brown in the bathroom just gives it a masculine look. That’s all.

    Kristi aka OutSidrQQnKristi aka OutSidrQQn6 kun oldin
  • Love both colors!!

    Hannah MohrHannah Mohr6 kun oldin
  • Beautiful 💛

    Amy SAmy S6 kun oldin
  • My dad was exactly the same! I have the same hesitations because of it

    LizzieLizzie6 kun oldin
  • You could resolve that issue of drilling into the tile by buying a few extra tiles than you need. So if you change your mind later, you can remove that tile and just pop a fresh one back in.

    Stacie DaPonteStacie DaPonte6 kun oldin
  • I like the fireplace color and the mirror.

    Neve FamilyNeve Family7 kun oldin
  • I like it much better than before. However I just am curious if the above of the fireplace is painted in black or has a stroke of black contrasting the part. I just think it would give similar pallet to the kitchen you hope to redo in the future also. Brass against black is timeless. ✨

    Thanchanok TangpinyoThanchanok Tangpinyo7 kun oldin
  • it doesn’t look so much better! I know sometimes the videos make things look different but I feel the brown makes the space look small. But the color is nice

    Monica McGahanMonica McGahan7 kun oldin
  • I think that "poop" color people been calling out is fine but needs an artistic touch... Like paint splashes with the color white or the wall color of the upper part of the wall... What do you think? 🤔

    Samantha SabrinaSamantha Sabrina7 kun oldin
    • Notice me pleaseee

      Samantha SabrinaSamantha Sabrina7 kun oldin
    • Then add some light on the elevated border... Like some blurred light strip stick on the wall or positioned facing down to add more light onto the color... Cuz looking on the pinterest photo of this reminds me of a potted clay like color which is actually not bad... but putting into mind that the light source in this room is kind of scarce that's why there's a lot of shadow going on making the color darker...

      Samantha SabrinaSamantha Sabrina7 kun oldin
  • When you started painting the fireplace, I thought 😖, but it’s exactly the right choice!

    Ruth Edwards-ShirleyRuth Edwards-Shirley7 kun oldin
  • I love the brown color in the bathroom dangit!!

    Maddi ValentineMaddi Valentine7 kun oldin
  • Looks soo much better!! i like the plum, but i do feel you need to pull that colour into your rug or toss cushions to tie it all together

    Mimi ValleyMimi Valley7 kun oldin
  • Not a fan of the towel holder on the side of the vanity… I would have opted for a towel holder that sits on top of the counter for a non-permanent option

    Christine VermeerChristine Vermeer7 kun oldin
  • I love you girl but that purple red brown is like…. The hemorrhoid version of your bathroom

    Marble StrifeMarble Strife7 kun oldin
  • Love the plum with the gold detail in the mirrorrrrrr ughhhhh soo goooodd

    Ummi KUmmi K7 kun oldin
  • I hate the poop room sooooo much

    Gemma FinniganGemma Finnigan7 kun oldin
  • Do not hesitate to make permanent changes because it is never permanent. The tile can be changed. The vanity will be switched out at some point. Just do what you want right now without living in the future because right now is all there is.

    karen80fulkaren80ful7 kun oldin
  • I would definitely put it on the side of the vanity rather than the tile. Title would be a disaster and alot more noticeable if u do change the towel rack out

    Alyssa SmythAlyssa Smyth8 kun oldin
  • Soooo good!!!

    Denise SDenise S8 kun oldin
  • Love the bathroom color such a good choice!!!

    valencia boothvalencia booth8 kun oldin
  • I *LoVe* the brown ANNDDD the plum. Your instincts are spot on

    Chelsea BairdChelsea Baird8 kun oldin
  • LOOOVE the color in the bathroom! Don’t change it! Haters are crazy! Haha.

    Michaela PontiusMichaela Pontius8 kun oldin
  • I love the bathroom color, I wish we would move past saying it looks like poop already lol y’all are messing up the vibes

    Alexandria DrysdaleAlexandria Drysdale8 kun oldin
  • Looove the bathroom color! Fireplace isn’t my fave. It obviously looks great but just isn’t my cup of tea

    Becca KlennertBecca Klennert8 kun oldin
  • Nope, still hate the brown. :D LOL BUT I love the plum fireplace color. Turned out amazing!

    Cassandra StryffeCassandra Stryffe8 kun oldin
  • I love the plum and olive white color with it. Fuck anyone who hates on that brown color, always loved it always will!!!

    Ashley DobsonAshley Dobson8 kun oldin
  • The living of room looks great, good job!

    Gracia InspiredGracia Inspired8 kun oldin
  • I love your "remake." I also like the gallery in the bathroom, but not keen on the toilet room brown. I do see that they're different browns, and I think the purple brown might be better, but you do you!!! Lovely home over all

    Megan BecnelMegan Becnel8 kun oldin
  • The room looked lovely before, but looks amazing with the color going around the room and I love the color on the fireplace, especially bringing it up to the ceiling. At first I was doubtful because I LOVED the green, but you nailed it! Bringing in the vintage photos into the toilet room was a really cool touch! And if you love the brown on the walls, then rock it cause it’s you! Don’t let others’ opinions give you doubt. 💖 I love that you use bold colors in your room make overs - you girls give me confidence to try bolder paints on my walls. 😄

    Susi LangdonSusi Langdon8 kun oldin
  • Nope. The brown toilet still looks bad

    Kitty KatKitty Kat8 kun oldin
  • My heart quite literally shattered into a million pieces when you went over the sage green fireplace... OMFG

    Jitendra DesaiJitendra Desai8 kun oldin
  • I vote side of the vanity. But, it’s your house. Don’t treat it as if you’re a renter. And, the next owners will probably gut it, anyway,judging from what I’m seeing here.

    Brenda SnowBrenda Snow8 kun oldin
  • Was confused by the fireplace untill I saw the after shots then I was just like, ah I get it now, 👌. Still not sold on the toilet room though lol, but if Kelsey likes it that's what matters.

    Em OceanEm Ocean8 kun oldin
  • I honestly wasn't a believer until I saw the final results after you decorated. Very nicely done 😍🥰

    CharlieCharlie8 kun oldin
  • I love the colour in the water closet Kelsey but then again I am a total Autumn person. I might have used more nature-inspired pictures in the space rather than family pictures. It's just weird thing, peeing in front of my family vibes! LOL In regards to any of the negative or nasty comments you received, haters gonna hate, you can't be expected to please everybody. It's your house after all, so your's is the only opinion that truly matters when all is said and done. I loved the green you painted the fireplace but I totally get it when you do so many other elements in similar colours throughout your home that maybe throwing a new colour into the mix is a good thing. I love the way you colour blocked the entry area to match the door, it really defines the space perfectly now! 💖

    Chris RoseChris Rose8 kun oldin
  • Idk y I’m thinking this but I was kind of thinking maybe a dark blue accent wall behind the tv console would be nice 👍

    Joshua EscobedoJoshua Escobedo8 kun oldin
  • i think adding a checkered tile to the fireplace would be SO visually interesting and really classy!.. its still looking a bit unfinished. but the color is a nice upgrade!

    Carolina HerreraCarolina Herrera8 kun oldin
  • I like the toilet color! Its almost the same as in my son's bedroom

    Emeraldiris_ChicaiEmeraldiris_Chicai8 kun oldin
  • 💖💖💖💖💖 LOVE this upgraded version of the fireplace and the bench .. especially the entertainment console ‼👍🏻👍🏻

    Rinny DaleRinny Dale8 kun oldin
  • Random question! Where is that purse that is shown next to the door towards the end , from? :))

    biviana diazbiviana diaz8 kun oldin
  • Kelsey, all that matters is that it makes your heart sing! It's your home and should make you happy. :)

    Jennifer ReynoldsJennifer Reynolds9 kun oldin
  • love your colours

    Sandy SchellSandy Schell9 kun oldin
  • Great, a new addition to the poop collection

    Mariana GarridoMariana Garrido9 kun oldin
  • I know I can repair the hole in my wood vanity so that you would never know there was a hole, but not true with tile. I would put it in the easily repairable. I already feel closer to your Dad! lol

    V kV k9 kun oldin
  • I would put the towel holder in the tile if you have extra tiles, cuz you can always change one tile instead of fixing and staining a hole in your vanity

    steph dezsteph dez9 kun oldin
  • Wow I wasn't sure why you felt you had to change the living room cause it looked cute before but honsetly it looks so much more luxurious and mature now. Your living room/entryway looks so much better!

    NaniNani9 kun oldin
  • beautiful cabinet under the TV!

    Tihomira GreenTihomira Green9 kun oldin
  • I too am a victim of Ikea hinges, they're vicious

    puhhhtentialpuhhhtential9 kun oldin
  • At first i thought the brown-burgundy fireplace looked out of place. But in the end, it really ties the whole place together! Love it ❤

    Anggi LarosaAnggi Larosa9 kun oldin
  • I literally clicked the video cause I thought she was going to change the colour of the "poop room" 😅 still don't like the colour... And I don't know what would my family's reaction if they found their photos in the toilets 😂

    fidèle DuFerfidèle DuFer9 kun oldin
  • I don't like the brown in the toilet room. It reminds me of poop. I al sorry but u said to be honest. And I personally wouldn't put up family pictures in a smelly and pooping area.

    Afiya AnsariAfiya Ansari9 kun oldin
  • I like the accent wall in the bathroom, I can see it looking cool for a while. I think the hang up that's getting me the most is the white, or maybe the shade of white that the top half is. It makes the bottom half look muddy almost? Maybe if the white had more of a pinky tone in it... Could work?

    Carolina CocinaCarolina Cocina9 kun oldin
  • Your grandmas book is so precious. You’re the right custodian for it in your family. 🥰💋🌺

    boucephalesboucephales9 kun oldin
  • I love it all! It looks lovely and cozy ❤️

    It's a Vanzant LifeIt's a Vanzant Life9 kun oldin
  • Bathroom wall color still reminds me of 💩! But it’s ok! Ahahha

    RoNNiELoVesTheeRoNNiELoVesThee9 kun oldin
  • Hear me out… new fireplace color in the bathroom

    kiarra elexakiarra elexa9 kun oldin
  • Love it!

    sandibytheoceansandibytheocean9 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who would feel weird about my family members watching me go to the bathroom 😅😅😅

    Helen HypnoticHelen Hypnotic9 kun oldin