Pokemon Pro plays the hardest official Pokemon game for the first time

I've played thousands of hours of pokemon in all different ways, but I haven't played pokemon colosseum

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  • The vague pokemon game from my childhood I could never remember

    Lotus zenLotus zen55 daqiqa oldin
  • Only 5k hours? Pfft

    b pb pSoat oldin
  • I loved these games growing up!!! Wish they made another game like them :/

    SternRitterKuramaSternRitterKurama3 soat oldin
  • Miror B is the best villain

    Ain't gonna dox myselfAin't gonna dox myself3 soat oldin
  • hold on u had both of the games for how long and never played them?

    TheKidblazer1TheKidblazer14 soat oldin
  • That Delcatty soft locked me years ago… Attracting all my mons :(

    BrodBrod4 soat oldin
  • The protagonist in Colosseum canonically has my name and that makes me a happy panda.

    JoarthusJoarthus5 soat oldin
  • Is Colosseum really regarded to be one of the most difficult Pokémon games? I'd have to say that title should go to the Pokémon Stadium games lol

    Chozo GhostChozo Ghost6 soat oldin
  • Your take of a Miror.B impression is perfection!!

    Jared HallmanJared Hallman12 soat oldin
  • With the new pokemon snap I have pained hope that we might get another entry in this series 😭

    Alice HarleenAlice Harleen13 soat oldin
  • I had this game, played like I did every pokemon game: collecting ones I liked, leveling them up grinding and never reading any text under any circumstance. I legitimately believed I had finished the game because there was nothing to do and I just fought the same five grunts to get my spheal up to his final evolution where I found out I don't like how the other evolutions for that line look. What was I missing? The entirety of the elevator thing and the entirety of the fights in the numbered bridges. I went in once to the bridges, lost and was convinced you couldn't get past 3. And the elevator stuff I was like "but I already went to that town, why would I go back if something else was unlocked?". Ten years later I learned type mash ups, reading comprehension and never touched a pokemon game again, than you for coming to my TED talk on how to be a bad pokemon player

    A BJA BJ13 soat oldin
  • How has he never played this game. This is my childhood

    DaqDaq13 soat oldin
  • Buying 10 pokeballs gives u 1 Premierball

    whitemage34whitemage3414 soat oldin
  • Dakim looks straight out of JoJo.

    KaoKayKaoKay14 soat oldin
  • I played this game as a kid, and used my master ball to catch that sudowudo. I don't remember why though.

    KaoKayKaoKay14 soat oldin
  • this game deserves a remake even if they dont ad more pokemon

    DragtoxDragtox16 soat oldin
  • I didn’t even know they were the hardest, I beat them both when I was 7. At the time I didn’t notice the difficulty. 😂😂😂

    A person who likes foodA person who likes food18 soat oldin
  • Cipher doesn't need Pokémon to battle. He uses them so he's not directly liable for your death.

    Baked BakerBaked Baker20 soat oldin
  • I wish this game had an animated series associated with it. It would be so cool to watch these characters with expressions in a whole new region!

    SobaShimeeSobaShimee21 soat oldin
  • Christopher Walken crossed with the 4 Kids Yu-Gi-Oh’s Pegasus - Miror B

    JAOS2510JAOS251022 soat oldin
  • Bro try playing the fangame pokemon reborn👍🗿

    Muadz AbdullahMuadz Abdullah23 soat oldin
  • Wes is best anti-hero.

    Agent719Agent71923 soat oldin
  • part 2?

    Yazki CIDYazki CIDKun oldin
  • IDK why they don't make pokemon games similiar to this. It's so good and nice playing something different compared to the typical pokemon games.

    Robert DavisRobert DavisKun oldin
  • Ive never felt more pain in my life when you called my favorite pokemon of all time a worm lmao. it was like a gunshot through the heart

    John prattJohn prattKun oldin
  • PPPAAAARRRRTTTT 222222222!!!!!!

    semisemiKun oldin
  • Which platform is this game on?

    Solidarity93Solidarity93Kun oldin
  • Just finished my 100% purify playthrough 4 days ago. have played this more than emerald when i was 13 highly underrated set of games

    Baked ChipzBaked ChipzKun oldin
  • Man I beat this when I was like 12

    MrSkillnsMrSkillnsKun oldin
  • Damn you’re low key a really talented voice actor

    Isidore AerysIsidore AerysKun oldin
  • Did these games not fair well? I don't get why there was only ever these two pokemon games (classic style at least) until sword and shield on console...and even that was because thw switch is meant to be handheld *and* console.

    Daniel GertlerDaniel Gertler2 kun oldin
  • Is it the hardest Pokémon game?? Funny story : when I played this, I was too young to understand anything and I got stuck at one of the cities so I just played tons of hours battling the same people over and over again. When I picked it up again years later, I was a teenager and I understood where I needed to go (finally) and I realized that I was way too OP cause every one of my Pokémon was like 50 levels more than any opponent was hahaha! I finished it so easily! I guess I really put the grind in and enjoyed it!

    Audrée B.Audrée B.2 kun oldin
    • I mean...every Pokemon game be like that.

      JayCJayC10 soat oldin
  • I have an idea for a Pokémon sun and moon challenge Every Pokémon has totem like buffs and totem have double or something

    CoolPenguinCoolPenguin2 kun oldin
  • Can you get this for pc?

    The Darkangle2908The Darkangle29082 kun oldin
  • About goddamn time

    fusro duhfusro duh2 kun oldin
  • "Pokemon pro" *almost loses to basic stall with TWO LEGENDARIES*

    SasirSasir2 kun oldin
  • I think what I enjoy most about Ant is that he feels separated from the other mainstream streamers somehow. You don't see him randomly showing up in Mizkifs basement or shopping with Pokimane. He did do that game show with Charlie and Ludwig, but for the most part he just stays in his own lane and does his own thing.

    Vicarious OneVicarious One2 kun oldin
  • The names in this game are really weird, its like an AI generated them. Also deeply confusing that at least until XD, Miror B, a disco dancer with a huge afro, has really fast paced salsa music for a battle theme. Still probably the best 3d pokemon game.

    LimeWireLimeWire2 kun oldin
  • Shame you missed naming your rival "TheMaam"

    Jolli BootsJolli Boots2 kun oldin
  • So like… is he going to finish this?

    Nate InmanNate Inman2 kun oldin
  • Shit i might have to boot up the ole GameCube and give this game another play through. Just been sitting on my shelf for the last 15 years

    EquinoxEquinox3 kun oldin
  • Got this game when I was 11 or so back when it came out. Played the shit out of it for like 16 hours straight and then I got so sick after lol. Totally worth it!

    PranceyPrancey3 kun oldin
  • Loved it!!! Where is part 2 of this... I cant find de Vod of it in his other channel.

    morupido13morupido133 kun oldin
  • In the german translation, they named them "Crypto Pokemon" instead of shadow pokemon, which honestly sounds WAY cooler

    Bier BBier B3 kun oldin
  • I love how chat just loses it when Miror B shows up

    Jake LangJake Lang3 kun oldin
  • The music in this game is now synonimus with MandJtv for me

    King CavelKing Cavel3 kun oldin
  • I love how Runk looks like his face was skinned 🤣

    David HernandezDavid Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • This is wild to me because until Black and White came out the ONLY Pokémon game I had was Colosseum. I think I beat it at least once every year for about ten years while growing up xD

    NikkiragoNikkirago3 kun oldin
  • best pokemon game ever. this and XD

    chieken1chieken13 kun oldin
  • nostalgia.2

    Guts XgriffithGuts Xgriffith3 kun oldin
  • Just because you’ve played Pokémon for a long time doesn’t make you a pro, so stop saying that in every video title. As far as I’m concerned, you’re not in esports.

    tayem qaqishtayem qaqish3 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know if there's a full vod of this somewhere?

    DizzyDizzy3 kun oldin
  • Part 2 when?

    brent the reshirambrent the reshiram3 kun oldin
  • Best Pokémon game. Can yell at your Pokémon to wake it up.

    4t778d4t778d3 kun oldin
  • the music in this game is absolutely incredible

    Steve HoffmannSteve Hoffmann3 kun oldin
  • 33:28

    AJtheMadlad 0_0AJtheMadlad 0_03 kun oldin
  • _Main battle theme of this is so nostalgic even tho I didn't play Colosseum_ _If you know you know_

    KryskanKryskan4 kun oldin
    • where did you hear it?

      SasirSasir2 kun oldin
  • Finally! Thank you ^^

    VisseNekkuVisseNekku4 kun oldin
  • I hope they remake this game

    Francisco FernandesFrancisco Fernandes4 kun oldin
  • pls play pokemon xd

    Frank SmithFrank Smith4 kun oldin
  • Can someone tell me which stream this is ? I want to go watch him play through all of it

    another nameanother name4 kun oldin
  • Wait, Colosseum was the hardest? (looking back, yeah I spent wayyy too many hours trying to beat all 100 floors as a kid)

    Elf-lord's Friar of the MeadowlandsElf-lord's Friar of the Meadowlands4 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait for the rest of this playthrough

    Tyler Austin PorchTyler Austin Porch4 kun oldin
  • I saw a bit of the gameplay and decided to play it myself, came back after beating the main story. It's quite a great game!

    Matt BMatt B4 kun oldin
  • More please

    Scotty CottoneScotty Cottone4 kun oldin
  • These are the games that really need remakes, I love them so much

    Fyredude23Fyredude234 kun oldin
  • Anyone know where I can watch the rest of his playthrough ? I cant find his stream of Pokemon colosseum on his twitch : (

    Robin PliqueRobin Plique4 kun oldin
  • Content's still shit compared to like 2 years ago.

    Maximilian GrasslMaximilian Grassl4 kun oldin
  • the battels are so cool - i whish every pokemon game had such animations

    ًً5 kun oldin
  • This game looks better than Gen 8 Even the overworld sprites are much more charming

    Chris F.Chris F.5 kun oldin
  • 32:48 is it just me or the footage corrupted

    {shadow Lime}{shadow Lime}5 kun oldin
  • This brings back memories, very nostalgic for me

    Ferno ManFerno Man5 kun oldin
  • Miror B sounds like James from the anime

    Ryan CardinalRyan Cardinal5 kun oldin
  • Meme time let's go 🤩

    Nb PrathickNb Prathick5 kun oldin
  • I was unaware pokemon xd gale of darkness was meant to be hard.... Fancy. I enjoyed playing it on the gamecube years back, kinda want to play it again now XD

    JaregonJaregon5 kun oldin
  • So here's an interesting thing about the gen3 games. You know Dexit? Yeah. A sort of similar fiasco happened with the gen3 games, except it was kind of worse. In pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, and to a somewhat lesser extent in emerald, in order to have all pokemon available, you would have to buy both those games, this AND XD in order to do it as well as a link cable. And lowkey, that Plusle isn't even all that bad, even without minun to boost it. It belonged to Duking which means that it gets boosted exp as if you traded for it. And thunder + Rain Dance from a certain other pokemon off of a decent enough special attack for ingame actually makes it really good

    Ton berryTon berry5 kun oldin
  • For sure the Pokemon game I have the most fun playing was Pokemon XD. I don't know the game just feel different than the main serie like the movement of the pokemons are just so good.

    The American Brother of Might GuyThe American Brother of Might Guy5 kun oldin
  • Being good at nuzlocke or whatever its called doesn't make you a pro if you don't play competitively. Wtf lol

    MM6 kun oldin
  • the moment where chat says. take water starter best type and streamer says, nah lets go quilava... Enemys: Using Magnitude for the ENTIRE game in EVERY battle

    Kira XKira X6 kun oldin
  • My man needs to play Gale of Darkness next.

    MyrkurMyrkur6 kun oldin
  • the fact that SmallAnt didn't bother to train his pkm to even the lvl of the bosses its Crazy ! . i remember back in the day i played this game like 2 times and never touch the game again loooool never got the chance to beat it X.X

    Nagato RyuNagato Ryu6 kun oldin
  • What was hard about them? I liked the villains but didn't have an issue beating them

    StevenSteven6 kun oldin
  • part 2 pls :)

    young bubuyoung bubu6 kun oldin
  • is there a full vod?

    Sean gallagherSean gallagher6 kun oldin
  • it's gonna kill me when he doesn't use the infinite poker allspice glitch

    pancake boypancake boy6 kun oldin
  • Wow these battle graphics are a massive upgrade from Pokemon Sword and Shield, when did a new Pokemon game release? Yes this is sarcasm, but also I mean c'mon, it's kind of true as well

    PowWow KenPowWow Ken6 kun oldin
  • The protagonist: steals and kills people and is also good guy The villian: Dances, has a catchy theme song, Is hilarious, and sells pokemon ... are we sure the protagonist is the good guy

    Caden CookCaden Cook6 kun oldin
  • I wanted him to purify the abomination (“Quagsire”) then release him

    Batman The LonerBatman The Loner6 kun oldin
  • When did jaqen h'ghar get to the Pokémon world. And why did he become a disco fan?

    Mike AndrewsMike Andrews6 kun oldin
  • Man, was really rooting for Justy at the end there. Would've been a hilarious L. What a legendary battle.

    dolita windodolita windo6 kun oldin
  • imagine playing this game wihtout overleveling Espeon lmao respect

    Fabled StoneFabled Stone7 kun oldin
  • I would just insta reset the Adamant Espeon lmao

    Fabled StoneFabled Stone7 kun oldin
  • I had this game and I would trade the Entei, Raikou and Suicune to my sapphire game and trade kids at school for all their best pokemon and legendaries saying they were event pokemon, then i would reset the game and do it again. I was the only kid in the school that knew how to get them.

    • grind the power and blast the game u had to have some strategy and use status conditions.

      dolita windodolita windo6 kun oldin
  • Are we getting a second video of this?

    Elmer Andrew CrowleyElmer Andrew Crowley7 kun oldin
  • I never played collosium but XD wasn't that hard. I mean, I guess compared to the hand holding of the main line games it is but I think I had a rougher time in pokemon blue when I was 12.

    HawkthehunterHawkthehunter7 kun oldin
  • I’m not a big fan of bashing on the recent Pokémon games, but just the difference in personality between Colosseum and Sword/Shield is insane. Like, Colosseum came out in 2004, and yet it manages to be more charming and have more interesting animations then a game that came out 15 years and 3 consoles later… and it’s a side game developed by a third party!

    IllusoryQuixotIllusoryQuixot7 kun oldin
  • When you said "Ok Pikachu" it turned on my Google assistant.

    BugJuiceBugJuice7 kun oldin
  • "ITS MA'AM!!"

    Mr. RaymondMr. Raymond7 kun oldin
  • Try to nuzlocke Inclement Emerald in hardcore mode. That's a hell of a challenge.

    Donovan ChiltonDonovan Chilton7 kun oldin
  • Smallant second episode when???

    Dakota JonesDakota Jones7 kun oldin