Testing Customer’s Engagement Ring (Part 3)

This girl ain’t settling for less 😳

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  • Dude dodged a massive bullet anyway

    Michael-John NoviskiMichael-John Noviski17 soat oldin
  • Even if this is a set up the fact people really do act like this over a rock is just mind blowing

    HeartAndSeoulHeartAndSeoul18 soat oldin
  • For the record, it isn't about the diamond or fake diamond. It is about your spouse being honest. If the person proposing cannot afford a real diamond, just be honest about it. There are so many ring styles and other color gemstones are less expensive. Don't put blame on the person who received the ring. They absolutely are in the right to be furious that they were lied to. Don't assume they wanted a big diamond or that they are gold diggers.

    lunix 356lunix 3562 kun oldin
  • I guess the Ring saved the man for the future. He ll do better without her.

    SekaiSekai2 kun oldin
  • Uhm.. I though the personality matters, not the engagement ring just because it is fake.. uhhh

    G o : PG o : P6 kun oldin
  • Gold digger

    Katherine PetersenKatherine Petersen10 kun oldin
  • At first, I saw "testing engagement ring", and facetiously was like, "Yeah, will you succeed in getting engaged or not? Lol" And then THIS broad.

    mijuo rouimijuo roui12 kun oldin
  • bruh

    Bolia FopsBolia Fops12 kun oldin
  • because they have a different viewpoint. We. Don't. Know. Them.

    sannio komisannio komi13 kun oldin
  • Okay but imagine the husband said it was really expemsive and worth a lot, trying to make her say yes

    drttyu liqmdrttyu liqm13 kun oldin

    hitrow5hitrow513 kun oldin
    • Wtf

      mijuo rouimijuo roui12 kun oldin
  • well boys, u knw what to do 🙈🙈🙈

    wawaweewawawee13 kun oldin
  • Okay but imagine the husband said it was really expemsive and worth a lot, trying to make her say yes

    yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouy14 kun oldin
    • He deserves better.

      sannio komisannio komi13 kun oldin
  • Okay but imagine the husband said it was really expemsive and worth a lot, trying to make her say yes

    Whgu ybnmWhgu ybnm14 kun oldin
    • 😐

      drttyu liqmdrttyu liqm13 kun oldin
  • Damn, these stone diggers. Diamonds are just overrated stones.

    Avanti AcharyaAvanti Acharya14 kun oldin
    • He deserves better.

      Bolia FopsBolia Fops12 kun oldin
  • She’s the straight definition of a “gold digger” tbh I wouldn’t care if the ring is fake or not, as long as we love each other and have a crazy silly fantastic life I’m good with it!

    Wanna BeWanna Be15 kun oldin
  • What of he got scamed?

    Rici WernerRici Werner15 kun oldin
    • @Whgu ybnm crazy how literaly a piece of coal and metal can deside so much

      Rici WernerRici Werner14 kun oldin
    • Such a gold digger

      Whgu ybnmWhgu ybnm14 kun oldin
  • Whoever asked her got lucky I don't think anyone wants to be with that kind of person

    SlayerSlayer15 kun oldin
    • is that you love each other.

      yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouy14 kun oldin
  • Typical

    Joel CoronaJoel Corona15 kun oldin
  • Gold digger

    James WatfordJames Watford15 kun oldin

    Matthew FallMatthew Fall15 kun oldin
  • That's a gold digger

    Shahaan MunsoorShahaan Munsoor15 kun oldin
  • At least he'd dodge a bullet

    No RebeccaNo Rebecca15 kun oldin
  • Good, that dude deserves better

    ChaseTheGamesChaseTheGames15 kun oldin
  • Wtf

    CrowdedPlanetCrowdedPlanet15 kun oldin
  • He deserves better.

    Justin JJustin J15 kun oldin
  • 😐

    Jasmyn BoggsJasmyn Boggs15 kun oldin
  • Yo

    Salma BibiSalma Bibi15 kun oldin
  • thats a karen

    LEMON LINKLEMON LINK15 kun oldin
  • Love shouldn't be based off of items or how big you ring is, or if it's real or fake, maybe that's all he could afford, he might even be saving for a wedding ring all that should matter is that you love each other.

    LiveToHuntLiveToHunt15 kun oldin
  • Such a gold digger

    Brian PachecoBrian Pacheco15 kun oldin
  • Savage 🔥

    Remi kereRemi kere15 kun oldin
  • That is a terrible person.

    lil blil b15 kun oldin
  • he’s a lucky guy then a woman like that shouldn’t even leave her house

    poop shitterpoop shitter15 kun oldin
  • Honestly if I was to ever get proposed to I dont want a dimond it can be a 20 dollar ring from Walmart idc but the wedding ring can be more expensive though bc you know it's a wedding ring but I do not care on the price of somthing If I have been dating someone for long enough for them to marry me they should know I love them more than the ring

    MM15 kun oldin
  • She's a gold digger lol

    ¶layer Dev¶layer Dev15 kun oldin
  • Bruh the only reason we do the whole ring thing is for symbolism

    lifeless lettucelifeless lettuce15 kun oldin
  • I mean they obviously lied about it being real and I wouldn't marry them if they lie about somthing like that I'd rather it have like no diamond and be a nice band with a design and tiny stones then with a diamond

    A MurphyA Murphy15 kun oldin
  • It’s off

    CriticalCritical15 kun oldin
  • Definitely a fake video. Just like all your other ones

    Immanuele SimonelliImmanuele Simonelli15 kun oldin
  • What a gold digger

    Pheobe TurrallPheobe Turrall15 kun oldin
  • I hate the fact that nowadays this is all people that 'love' you care about not family wise

    GrummyYTFNGrummyYTFN15 kun oldin
  • She needs it to be real. She broke. Look at them raggedy pants. And knockoff watch.

    Pablo Quijada SalazarPablo Quijada Salazar15 kun oldin
  • Aka ruining engagements

    The MilkmanThe Milkman15 kun oldin
  • Y'all... Seriously like if you can't afford it but a affordable ring you don't need to be fake yourself or pretend to be rich you just broke the trust right then and there

    Lee SunHee ⟭⟬Lee SunHee ⟭⟬15 kun oldin
  • Okay but imagine the husband said it was really expemsive and worth a lot, trying to make her say yes

    AkiraAkira15 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 loved her confidence ❤️

    Daalia MuskaanDaalia Muskaan15 kun oldin
  • fake

    Marcellina and NathanMarcellina and Nathan15 kun oldin
  • Y’all it’s a skit the tester is turned off

    David KellerDavid Keller15 kun oldin
  • Her fiancé dodged the biggest bullet ever

    okay Zokay Z15 kun oldin
  • A video as fake as that ring

    John O'MaraJohn O'Mara15 kun oldin
  • There’s no response? It wasn’t even working

    R BR B15 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: batteries are dead

    Danielixs KubikDanielixs Kubik15 kun oldin
  • This is a set up she isn't a good actress in this scenario lol she gave it away.

    The DanzoThe Danzo15 kun oldin
  • one of the saddest attempts at faking a video

    Jinx McLastnameJinx McLastname15 kun oldin
  • Damn she's s gold digger I'd never marry her

  • Gold diggaa🔥🔥

    Tan, Riley Jude - SPJTan, Riley Jude - SPJ15 kun oldin
  • Cheap doesn’t mean they don’t love you, at least you’re getting something

    ChannelWithRandomVideosChannelWithRandomVideos15 kun oldin
  • Bro its just a ring. It dosen't mstter if its real or fake. Idk why some people only care if a ring has a real or fake diamond

    Suchada SaleeSuchada Salee15 kun oldin
  • How to make a divorce 101

    HeracrossHeracross15 kun oldin
  • People care way too much about diamonds. I wrote a paper about diamonds in college. To summarize my findings: diamonds are overly common, not very durable (extreme hardness=extreme brittleness) and were considered functionally worthless even by royals until debeers came along.

    Aric ThompsonAric Thompson15 kun oldin
  • Why the fuck do women care about money

    Lol YouLol You15 kun oldin
  • this seems horribly staged but, even then, it makes me wonder what the actual fuck is wrong with ppl these days. I am a woman and I wear mostly Stainless Steel or Silver jewelry, maybe some gold here and there. Basically what I mean is that as long as the jewelry doesn't give me a rash, it's good jewelry lmao. Why would you tell someone you wont marry them just because they gave you a "fake" diamond ring that's prolly still a few hundred bucks worth of a ring? It's ridiculous. I'd say yes with a candy ring lmao. If he's good, he's good. If he sucks, he sucks with and without diamond rings.

    nel dormiveglianel dormiveglia15 kun oldin
  • If the husband lied about being diamond then its reasonable but if u didn't ask or he did tell u and u still no them then u r a piece of shit

    DhruvDhruv15 kun oldin
  • At least there not like super mad!

    Yojoeinda GamesYojoeinda Games15 kun oldin
  • Wow gold digger

    Cassani GirlsCassani Girls15 kun oldin
  • Gold digger

    tt_nuggiett_nuggie15 kun oldin
  • If he told her it was real then i get it. He lied right from the start.

    Bryan LariviereBryan Lariviere15 kun oldin
  • Did she stole it??

    DrPeskDrPesk15 kun oldin
  • This man either ruins relationship or makes it better and it's not even his fault 🤣

    Sanjay PunalurSanjay Punalur15 kun oldin
  • I would rather have my potential partner use the money for something useful than a ring

    ElEl15 kun oldin
  • ....This People. Is what you call a thirsty gold digger. If I was her I would've been so thankful this guy even proposed to me weather it was dimond or not.

    •Foxen K••Foxen K•15 kun oldin
  • My guy really dodged this gold digger lmao

    Edward MillerEdward Miller15 kun oldin
  • Shallow as shiiiii-

    Edward MillerEdward Miller15 kun oldin
  • uzgreen.info/show/video/xYNo1XuLnLCes2A.html

  • Lol this girl must be one of the worst people in the world

    「PhantomWolfz」「PhantomWolfz」15 kun oldin
  • Gold diggers

    ghost menaghost mena15 kun oldin

    Ghazal AttiaGhazal Attia15 kun oldin
  • Thats toxic asf

    PuttyJoker18PuttyJoker1815 kun oldin
  • I’m happy for the man that she said no. He deserves way better

    GrapeJuice - monke armyGrapeJuice - monke army15 kun oldin
  • Your a liar you can buy a little thing that goes inside that blocks the response you ruin people relationships

    H3lp.c0mH3lp.c0m15 kun oldin
  • She's clearly a gold digger, she's hoping its real so when she divorces him a month down the road, its something to take to the pawn shop for some quick cash, before she takes all his s#*%!

    MOE Productions!MOE Productions!15 kun oldin
  • so basically if you love the person it shouldn’t matter unless the guy or girl lets you know “hey I can’t afford a real one so I got you this fake one for now” instead of lying and saying it’s real that shows no trust but her acting like this isn’t okay she should go home and have a talk with him about it and understand not everyone can spend thousands on a ring you’re probably gonna lose she is selfish and I hope the guy finds better this is just plain out rude

    damayiadamayia15 kun oldin
  • People are saying so many bad things about that girl but guys he lied to her and give her a fake ring most funniest part is he actually propose her with that fake ring and every one of you expecting that she should say yes 🤣. I think what she did is perfectly ok who want a cheetah and a liar in their life.

    FF QueenFF Queen15 kun oldin
  • Who ever was with her just dodged a bullet

    Solar FlareSolar Flare15 kun oldin
  • Gold digger

    LegoLucasTan AnimationsLegoLucasTan Animations15 kun oldin
  • Imagine being so ignorant you think this wasn't staged. Now imagine being so ignorant you leave a witty comment on a UZgreen video expecting ignorant folks to understand that. I don't even know why I'm here. I searched for Pugs.

    Amber -T{aa}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th MeAmber -T{aa}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me15 kun oldin
  • 👎👎👎👎👎

    Joel SoonJoel Soon15 kun oldin
  • Hello, Humans When Blackbeard captured ships, many of the African slaves on board would go on to become pirates. When he died, nearly one-third of his total crew were former slaves. TERRANCE OUT

    T-Virus TerranceT-Virus Terrance15 kun oldin
  • fake

    TripleNickel PickleTickleTripleNickel PickleTickle15 kun oldin
  • Yooo I would be happy with a wedding band she a gold digger frfr

    Bry OliBry Oli15 kun oldin
  • Bruh why do girls only like the real ones there so greedy

    Steven CabarubiaaSteven Cabarubiaa15 kun oldin
  • I dont know why people get so mad when somebody important in their life buys them jelewery whit fake diamonds .Be happy that they can even buy you a ring or sum like that bruh

    Nxdi HereNxdi Here15 kun oldin
  • Diamonds are overrated anyway. But c'mon, the person doesn't have to get rejected over a fake diamond.

    Horrendous Gamer!Horrendous Gamer!15 kun oldin
  • Guy dodged a bullet.

    D WD W15 kun oldin
  • The guy still bought her a ring tho to make her happy.

    Elder Flame GamesElder Flame Games15 kun oldin

    Anwar HussainAnwar Hussain15 kun oldin
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    Berrina dencyeBerrina dencye15 kun oldin
  • uzgreen.info/show/video/qHeF0Kmana171H0.html

  • Seriously i dont understand the logic behind an expensive ring. If it looks the exact same as an expensive one then theres no problem. If u want an expensive ring, and u would break up with someone over it. Ur in it “just for the money.

    bruhifybruhify15 kun oldin