True Facts: The Mosquito

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  • Learn to think! Happy to be sponsored by First 200 people get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.

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    • The thing you didnt want to look up is called a toe biter. They are nasty fucking animals and they will wreck your shit. AND they can fly.

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  • What's the name of the classical song in the background

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  • When I was house shopping years ago, I saw a handful of Guppies swimming in the pool. My real estate agent told me the health dept. put the fish there for mosquito control.

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  • The only living thing that i would want to genocide. Mosquitoes should not exist.

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  • I used to think mosquitoes had no ecological purpose and were just parasitic nuisances. Later, I learned they were necessary food for bats and such. And today, I learned they're pollinators. Sigh, I must begrudgingly admit they're good for something.

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  • I may hate mosquitoes but watching those babies squiggle around is very entertaining.

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  • I had dengue from an Aedes mosquito bite last year as I was walking home. It was awful because the doctors told me I was losing a lot of blood due to internal bleeding and so I was hospitalized for a week. I developed weird marks on my body and I felt incredibly weak that it became difficult for me to even walk. I lost my appetite and began losing weight and because of covid, I was alone for that whole week. Nobody could visit me. It was just absolutely terrifying but I'm glad I made it out alive.

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  • Lesson of the day, "mosquitoes are kinky bastards." 😂

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  • If we had educational videos like this whenever I was in school I mean I did enjoy learning so I would have been just even more enthusiastic but we would have a lot more scientists today than we do I mean don't get me wrong bill and I was great but this would have been much better than textbooks that give us bland facts without actually letting us see them and making us laugh to help us remember

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  • Why do they release genetically engineered mosquitos if there are natural mosquito predators that could be released instead?

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  • I 💕 your videos! I just found out about an insect I've seen, but didn't know what it was until about 3 minutes ago. I instantly thought of you. The Red Velvet Ant. Which is actually a parasitic wasp. How cool is that. It would make a pretty great video coming from your amazing perspective, I think. Just a thought.

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