What Happened When Vader Discovered A Luke Skywalker Imposter?

What happened when Vader discovered a Luke Skywalker Imposter?

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After the destruction of the death star, Luke Skywalker had become a legendary figure. At a bar, some random guy was pretending to be Luke Skywalker, using it to get free drinks and impress everyone there. He told them he was the best pilot in the galaxy, attempting to convince the crowd to employ him to do smuggling jobs. However, out of the shadows, a dark figure appeared. Towering over him, Vader asked him if he claimed the name of skywalker. Now gripped in a force choke, the man tried to explain that he wasn't actually Luke Skywalker. He responded in a very Vader like way, telling him that by tomorrow, no one will even remember he lived. Vader then told the onlookers that anyone who claims the name of Skywalker also claims his crimes and will result in their death.

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  • Amo-

    V38V382 soat oldin
  • A Impostor You say... AMOGU-

    j,j,Kun oldin
  • Why does this guy sound like a younger ESO?

    JacobofhouseTravillskiJacobofhouseTravillskiKun oldin
  • Luke Skywalker is sus

    Jersey LunaticJersey Lunatic3 kun oldin
  • Sus

    Mako with a MiataMako with a Miata3 kun oldin
  • That faker was kinda sus

    nlv2015 nlvnlv2015 nlv3 kun oldin
  • SUS😳

    kroki4a 69kroki4a 694 kun oldin
  • If you notice he asked him if he claimed the name Skywalker, NOT Luke. I think that actually says a lot about Vader as well, that he still held the name skywalker in high regard.

    Chris LChris L4 kun oldin
  • Vader comes back to kill ray because she said she was skywalker

    Goku Master ultra instinctGoku Master ultra instinct4 kun oldin
  • I still think galen marreck shoould have killed vader and became papatine apprentice than grow strong enough to defeat him

    isaac alzateisaac alzate4 kun oldin
  • Vader was not about to let someone steals his son's identity. That's good parenting. Also the dude was plagiarizing and stealing an identity he deserves to die.

    Charles CM WainainaCharles CM Wainaina4 kun oldin
  • damn luke u look hella sus

    Lord emperor Yodert the WhiteLord emperor Yodert the White4 kun oldin
  • **you done goofed**

    Jevil likes ChaosJevil likes Chaos4 kun oldin
  • Mommy why did you named me luke skywalker Mom:oh just you wait Darth vader:oh my god he's luke skywalker punches him to dead Mom:hahhhah all food is mine Kid:what

    bully zackary maguire mighty xbully zackary maguire mighty x5 kun oldin
  • Man, I wished Vader was My Father, instead of well, No Father at all

    PhantomHoodPhantomHood5 kun oldin
  • how nice amazing

    Aziz BrainAziz Brain5 kun oldin
  • sus

    WertyWerty5 kun oldin
  • Damn, there’s a Jedi among us

    AquaticAquatic6 kun oldin
  • Darth Vader is one the best fictional characters of all time.

    Eren YeagerEren Yeager6 kun oldin
  • Y tf was vader chillin in a bar tho?

    The NThe N6 kun oldin
  • That's sus

    BoberTeeBoberTee6 kun oldin
  • SUS

    Mr.Dr.cansoupMr.Dr.cansoup6 kun oldin
  • Why was Vader hanging out in a bar filled with smugglers?

    Chris SchwiegChris Schwieg7 kun oldin
  • when the SKYWALKER is SUS??

    YachterYachter7 kun oldin
  • So this is what happened to Bigger Luke

    SmallashSmallash7 kun oldin
  • Imposter?

    cringecringe7 kun oldin
  • A Luke Skywalker what? 🚘📮

    Deegan PhillipsDeegan Phillips7 kun oldin
  • Irony is he is a Skywalker

    Jake KenwayJake Kenway8 kun oldin
  • 📮

    TerraByte StudiosTerraByte Studios8 kun oldin
  • Luke Skywalker looking sussy.

    jaywuzhere_jaywuzhere_8 kun oldin
  • What a caring father, he saved his son from identity theft and then cut his hand off to make him distinguishable

    V01TV01T9 kun oldin
  • The impostor is sus

    Käpt'n SheeshluKäpt'n Sheeshlu9 kun oldin
  • SUS!?

    SbevenSbeven9 kun oldin

    JedediahsabriJedediahsabri9 kun oldin
  • The guy was kinda sus

    Piotr NitaPiotr Nita9 kun oldin
  • Me at the First seconds: He will kill him Me at the end : Yep he killed him

    A random spanish dudeA random spanish dude10 kun oldin
  • Vader upon meeting the impostor: I'm perfectly capable of besmirching sons name on my own thank you very much!

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke10 kun oldin
  • Absolute dad moment

    CC-0423 SavageCC-0423 Savage10 kun oldin
  • Sus

    Jacob StammJacob Stamm10 kun oldin
  • Brutal! Love it!

    Roger DodgerRoger Dodger10 kun oldin

    Scott MeagerScott Meager11 kun oldin
  • Amungus

    JalibabJalibab11 kun oldin
  • Sus

    JalibabJalibab11 kun oldin
    • well Luke Is his son, the guy deserve it

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke10 kun oldin
  • don’t say it. don’t say it. don’t say it.

    KAYASKAYAS11 kun oldin
  • Honestly knowing what he has done in the past or at least what he's capable of that's a pretty chill way to punish him

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose11 kun oldin
  • Vader was just having a few drinks at the bar?

    durr clipsdurr clips11 kun oldin
  • Number #1 Dad da best dad anakin is

    StrangerDanger :DStrangerDanger :D11 kun oldin
  • when the luke is sus

    requiemrequiem11 kun oldin
  • So Rey should be dead, yeh?

    juarez69juarez6911 kun oldin
  • It was Times Square 😂

    nicky21111nicky2111111 kun oldin
    • @abbsnn cose having a beer

      nicky21111nicky2111111 kun oldin
    • What’s Vader doin at a bar

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose11 kun oldin
  • Lol your not my son dummy

    nicky21111nicky2111111 kun oldin
  • Thats pretty sus

    poggus champuspoggus champus11 kun oldin
  • Now this is good parenting defending your sons title for blowing up your home that’s amazing

    BKgamerplayzBKgamerplayz12 kun oldin
  • Vader : how dare you claim the name Skywalker? Rey : oh shi...

    Nima RezaeianNima Rezaeian12 kun oldin
  • well Luke Is his son, the guy deserve it

    SkyresSkyres12 kun oldin
  • How do people in your accent take insults seriously?

    Loagie DiaboLoagie Diabo12 kun oldin
  • The original death Vader is really cool

    Hellp Me0102Hellp Me010212 kun oldin
  • When the Skywalker is sus

    이민우이민우12 kun oldin
  • That is why is darth vader the coolest caracter of all the time

    kermit Mkermit M12 kun oldin
  • a luke skywalker who???? 😳

    Check It NoobCheck It Noob12 kun oldin
  • I was expecting him to be pissed that people were pretending to be his son and be pissed and say that he is not his son

    Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse12 kun oldin
  • Luke successfully sabotaged the Death Star

    Jed JarvisJed Jarvis12 kun oldin
  • What’s Vader doin at a bar

    Squeezy JibbsSqueezy Jibbs12 kun oldin
  • LUKE SKYWALKER SUS??????? WHEN THE IMPOSTER SUS MOMENT!!!! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    Nekluga YTNekluga YT12 kun oldin
  • Let's be real, Vader is proud of, and sticking up for his son

    ChristochatChristochat12 kun oldin
  • Rey is criminal

    Acsargent 12Acsargent 1212 kun oldin
  • When the Luke is sus

    Noah PetersenNoah Petersen12 kun oldin
  • “I’m felling like imposter, I might just be a monster.”

    Appleater787Appleater78712 kun oldin
  • When the luke skywalker is sus

    laskin riubnlaskin riubn12 kun oldin
  • Don't make the obvious joke don't make the obvious joke don't make the obvious joke don't make the obvious joke

    hi's IQ if you remove the negative sidehi's IQ if you remove the negative side12 kun oldin
  • Well this is a little sus

    MusclemansmomMusclemansmom12 kun oldin
  • "I dunno man, this Luke seems a litte sus to me"

    HulaxHulax12 kun oldin
  • Impostor?

    literallyaweeb ok?literallyaweeb ok?12 kun oldin
  • Don't say it, don't say it

    Taylor WisniewskiTaylor Wisniewski12 kun oldin
    • vader ejected the impostah

      Grieve TanGrieve Tan12 kun oldin
  • When the Luke is sus! 😳

    Justin NeilsonJustin Neilson13 kun oldin
    • So that means vader has to punish himself lol

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn12 kun oldin
  • I'm going to keep the headcanon that he killed him because he was like my son wouldn't do no dastardly shit like try to get free beers or do smuggling jobs just by using his name

    Noir. Kid97Noir. Kid9713 kun oldin
  • I can't take the word imposter seriously something is wrong with me

    SkyroAaronSkyroAaron13 kun oldin
  • Wow I love how he still shows heart for his son and honors him even tho there enemies

    Karma KotoKarma Koto13 kun oldin
  • mean something, even if vader would never admit it

    yuitr loingyuitr loing13 kun oldin
  • *Vader:* Have you seen my son? No? then *p e r i s h*

    Behold The GriffinBehold The Griffin13 kun oldin
  • After the destruction of the death star, where Vader dies, in the death star. This isn’t lore accurate at all

    Yackityyack22Yackityyack2213 kun oldin
  • Excuse he found a *what*

    Rentedreaper 25Rentedreaper 2513 kun oldin
  • Kinda sus ngl

    William PrudenWilliam Pruden13 kun oldin

    Young-One _VRYoung-One _VR13 kun oldin
    • AMOGUS

      Young-One _VRYoung-One _VR13 kun oldin
    • AMOGUS

      Young-One _VRYoung-One _VR13 kun oldin
    • AMOGUS

      Young-One _VRYoung-One _VR13 kun oldin
    • AMOGUS

      Young-One _VRYoung-One _VR13 kun oldin
    • AMOGUS

      Young-One _VRYoung-One _VR13 kun oldin
  • Vader be like "why you lyin for"

    oldjeff100oldjeff10013 kun oldin
    • Try not to make a joke out of the word “imposter” challenge:

      yuitr loingyuitr loing13 kun oldin
  • Amogus

    Random UserRandom User13 kun oldin
  • When the luke skywalker is sus

    Char AznableChar Aznable13 kun oldin
  • So that means vader has to punish himself lol

  • He vote the impostor

    Na'Vi SaladassNa'Vi Saladass13 kun oldin

    Großdeutsches ReichGroßdeutsches Reich13 kun oldin
  • Vader's Fortress: "what happened when Vader discovered..." Me: He killed it, them, Him/Her.

    Toastyblaine13Toastyblaine1313 kun oldin
  • Smh, should've noticed him faking tasks

    ToastToast13 kun oldin
  • Is this a re-upload or did I see this another on another SW channel

    3 Star Perfect Deer3 Star Perfect Deer13 kun oldin
  • Yes yes I am very powerful

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker13 kun oldin
  • That's actually so badass. Imagine being in that bar seeing vader emerge standing behind that imposter. I'd be pulling out my camera for a viral video...

    liouy cnnyliouy cnny13 kun oldin

    EpicEpic13 kun oldin
  • Try not to make a joke out of the word “imposter” challenge:

    manga profile picturemanga profile picture13 kun oldin
  • Vader is secretly being best dad

    ChronositeChronosite13 kun oldin
  • Sus

    Oliver WOliver W13 kun oldin
  • 😳

    FixxFixx13 kun oldin