Giving Away My Beard For Charity!

100% of the profits go to the Alzheimer's Association!
The cube comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by me :)

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  • I have a question.. do atoms have atoms??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Bakugo lolBakugo lolSoat oldin
  • Next time for Cancer , put in a bottle some of your fart. Hey guys, buy some of my fart to cure some cancer patients !

    theuncleundertheuncleunderSoat oldin
  • I haven't watched this guy in YEARS, see a meme and be like "hmm haven't checked his channel out in a bit, wonder what he's up to" and it's this 🤣

    NailNailSoat oldin
  • Not from the hairs of my chinny chin chin.

    IncognitoxicIncognitoxic2 soat oldin

    ChildchesspeiceChildchesspeice3 soat oldin
  • sir Michael, is it possible to calculate the circumference of a living being? Like a chicken?

    CristhianCristhian3 soat oldin
  • Why would you do that? You had your beard for 12 years and you’re giving it away?

    Cool BroCool Bro4 soat oldin
  • Imagine if aliens find this when all life on earth is extinct

    Jk im goodJk im good4 soat oldin
  • I did not think that such a UZgreenr could hit that level of low

    Black RoseBlack Rose5 soat oldin
  • Oh shit youre now a math teacher

    The ManagerThe Manager5 soat oldin
  • Urgh.

    Oh MyOh My5 soat oldin
  • so that's where the memes came from.

    NecrozmaNecrozma5 soat oldin
  • Hey vsauce, Micheal here. What is ligma. Deez nuts

    AbieteMalum ValorantAbieteMalum Valorant6 soat oldin
  • 🥴🥴🥴

    Paras PoudelParas Poudel6 soat oldin
  • Hello Vsauce! Can you take a look at the problem with an airplane taking off from a conveyor belt that is able to match the speed of the wheels of the airplane? I think the airplane will not take off because the wheels will act like an anchor linked to the conveyor belt to always stay in the same place relative to the us, the observers.

    Eduard SocaciuEduard Socaciu6 soat oldin
  • "Plant them at a crime scene and send me to prison for life" Actually, that's genius. Excuse me to try to win some beard hair for something totally unrelated. GUYS THIS IS A JOKE CHILL

    Praharsh k studiosPraharsh k studios7 soat oldin
  • My reaction to the thumbnail was the same as the thumbnail

    Don T ComplyDon T Comply7 soat oldin
  • Pube cube

    Jerico HernandezJerico Hernandez8 soat oldin
  • what

    SawcrabSawcrab9 soat oldin
  • Finally i can grow my own pet michael

    __ ANNIHILATOR ____ ANNIHILATOR __10 soat oldin
  • A yes

    DeReizigerDeReiziger10 soat oldin
  • that's a beard, or is it?

    PotatoPotato11 soat oldin
  • Seems like Vsauce either lost his mind or ran out of ideas.

    Chi Pa PaChi Pa Pa11 soat oldin
  • this isn't a want, it's a need

    Malibou BluMalibou Blu12 soat oldin
  • Vsauce is like a computer that shows binary numbers instead of words

    ApplieApplie12 soat oldin
  • Naw man those are his pubes

    Moto MedicsMoto Medics12 soat oldin
  • "Plant them at a scene of a crime and send me to prison for life" ~by Vsauce

  • Imma mix it with my Delphine bath water and some gin

    James BearssJames Bearss15 soat oldin
  • I admire the meme but why in the world would anyone want this?

    SergejSergej15 soat oldin
  • Ooh nice, I've been thinking of making a cake recently

    Kallum MilneKallum Milne15 soat oldin
  • youre a lad michael

    mr_bobzmr_bobz17 soat oldin
  • 😡☠💀🤬 Я приблизно купую молоко в продуктовому магазині 🤬🤬😡😠🤚Цього не буде терпіти Чжун Сіна, президент КЛАСУ БОРОТЬИ КИТАЙ 🤬😡😤🤚🤚💥😡☠💀 👹👺🤬😡 НАСЛІДКИ ВИ ДІЗНАЄТЕ! просто хочу сказати тобі, як я почуваюся Треба змусити вас зрозуміти Ніколи не здам тебе Ніколи не підведу Ніколи не буду бігати і покидати вас 🤬😡🤬👹👿☠ Ніколи не змусить вас плакати Ніколи не попрощаюсь Ніколи не скажу неправду і не зроблю тобі боляче🤬🤬🤬😡🤬👺

    Ayaan KhanAyaan Khan18 soat oldin

    Sand StormSand Storm18 soat oldin
  • I feel like whoever gets it is gonna be some sleazy, creepy guy

    Forty TwoForty Two19 soat oldin
  • The first giveaway I choose not to partake lol. But you look great:)

    Crochet with AprilCrochet with April19 soat oldin
  • Everybody gangsta till somebody actually incriminates him

    AlpiePEAKSAlpiePEAKS20 soat oldin
  • 0:09 how fast can you run

    Tomáš FabiánTomáš Fabián20 soat oldin
  • beard cube becomes real in five seconds

    haue unfortunatehaue unfortunate20 soat oldin
  • Can i shave and sell my pubes? It would really help me pay my rent

    President of the United TrollsPresident of the United Trolls21 soat oldin
  • This is ridiculous and Michael knows it, but it's a great way to make people donate.

    Wooosh FarmerWooosh Farmer21 soat oldin
  • Oh, my days - mate, you look like Eddie Hitler.

    Chris RothwellChris Rothwell21 soat oldin
  • Damn Vsauce without beard is like Pizza without cheese

    IllnessIllness22 soat oldin
  • Eating Vsauce's beard challenge!!!!

    Prussian BluePrussian Blue22 soat oldin
  • bruh

    cristoskrescristoskres22 soat oldin
  • 0:10 Fnaf be like:

    Fireboy 9273Fireboy 927323 soat oldin
  • Hey Michael! Question... If you theoretically watched a theoretical space ship theoretically travelling the speed of light directly towards the sun (we'll assume the ship could theoretically survive the heat), from launch all the way until it touched the sun, would you only watch an 8 minute trip, or would you watch a 16 minute trip since the light from that distance takes ~8 minutes. You know.... theoretically of course... Thanks!

    Casey McIntyreCasey McIntyreKun oldin
  • Donation should be regulated. Donating hair does not count as donation. The hungry and the poor can't use it to feed their children.

    Saudi ExplorerSaudi ExplorerKun oldin
  • this is so beautiful

    Tabby the kittenTabby the kittenKun oldin
  • that's crazy! Contact Elon Musk and launch it into space 😆 Extraterrestrials will make a Michael out of it.

    Sumit KushwahaSumit KushwahaKun oldin
  • I think that isolation thing he did has done something to his mind.

    PenXPenXKun oldin
  • 0:10 hey Vsace, Michael here. How fast can you run?

    DORKADORKAKun oldin
  • He's the only person I know that looks older when shaved

    Devv - Brawl StarsDevv - Brawl StarsKun oldin
  • I have a science question for you, Video worthy? How would humanity, our history, our technology etc be different if humans could only see in black and white? What discoveries would never have been made, is there any way to even predict how different the world would be today?

    John NorrisJohn NorrisKun oldin
  • People after removing beard looks younger But Micheal is looking old after removing his beard😂 Hence proved Micheal is different (old)!

    Ritik ChoudharyRitik ChoudharyKun oldin
  • Reminds me of that Futurama episode where the professor had the beard of Leonardo DaVinci

    Abdullah AAbdullah AKun oldin
  • 1980: We Will have flying cars in future. 2021:

    PooPooKun oldin
  • beard cube, what an... idea.

    CarbonCarbonKun oldin
  • The reason i dont like hair for sale is that you wouldn't know if it came from the scalp or the penis

    TheGreensTheGreensKun oldin
  • im gonna buy this and then use the DNA from the beard hairs to grow thousands of michaels

    acoolmanboonacoolmanboonKun oldin
  • The next gamergirl bathwater, but 100x times *B E T T E R*

    Hi Im BirdHi Im BirdKun oldin

    Niels BoumanNiels BoumanKun oldin
  • Why? lol

    Dom GamesDom GamesKun oldin
    • Because most people don't have beard

      SAFISSAFISKun oldin
    • A good cause yes but why beard hairs lol

      Dom GamesDom GamesKun oldin
  • What if this is all a ruse because michael accidentally left some of his DNA at a crime scene and now he‘s trying to generate an excuse for that?!?! WAKE UP SHEEPLE

    Ramy FarisRamy FarisKun oldin
  • guy in the thumbnail looks like a bald and middle aged default character for a wild west game

    v5mk ,v5mk ,Kun oldin
  • No thanks, young man, a la vuelta

    EldredEldredKun oldin
  • Sorry to be the one to inform you Michael .... but there was a grey hair in there.

    Godfrey PigottGodfrey PigottKun oldin
  • Michael is too dangerous, he has reach levels of shitposting not even possible by the standard laws of nature. We are beyond the horizon now.

    Ghost 0f DawnGhost 0f DawnKun oldin
  • okay, Vsause who did you unalive?

    Brian SimsBrian SimsKun oldin
  • I'm good. Thx anyway.

    guitargodthor2guitargodthor2Kun oldin
  • Coming in Theaters 2993: Michael Park

    endymionasendymionasKun oldin
    • Do u love V sauce ?

      Badir AlotaibiBadir AlotaibiKun oldin
  • Don't worry, I already have enough of your hair I got them without your knowledge

    I don't boogie to these dealsI don't boogie to these dealsKun oldin
  • That zoom in made it look like nylon guitar strings

    Ashley CurtisAshley CurtisKun oldin
  • Next up: Michael bathwater

    AnimaAnima2 kun oldin
  • "Look, inspector! An acrylic cube with Michael's beard shavings in it!" "Guilty! Let's go arrest him!"

    macsnafumacsnafu2 kun oldin
  • Ooo... I'll gonna buy your beard and give it to my ugly neighbour... She has been asking my ones since I became her neighbour. BTW ..I'm a trumpet player 🎺🎺.. & she's a witch...

    Pushpak KoleyPushpak Koley2 kun oldin
  • Oh so he killed someone and needs an out

    Shamman_KomanchShamman_Komanch2 kun oldin
  • beard > bath water

    Phos4usPhos4us2 kun oldin
  • He also look like someone who'll donate his spit for a couple of dollars

    RYU SONARYU SONA2 kun oldin
  • I appreciate in donating for research It is a nice idea🌹🌹

    M PraveenM Praveen2 kun oldin
  • It's all fun and games until someone decide to clone Michael 😅

    Jodie RaffertyJodie Rafferty2 kun oldin
  • 0:10

  • imagine if so many orders he tried to use different hair

    Carousel Blind.Carousel Blind.2 kun oldin
  • Me after buying the cube... Notification pop on.. Title : do i ever had beard?! First sec of vid : you might wonder what I'm gonna talk about.. Do i ever had a beard?! Or it was just a visual technics for making a massive fraud?!

    SlavkiingeSlavkiinge2 kun oldin
  • #lol mike 😂😂😂

    Phub BingPhub Bing2 kun oldin
  • Plot twist: He gets his iq from his beard. That’s why he’s donating some of it…

    Nice personNice person2 kun oldin
  • Hey Vsause Mi- GOD

    the Dabbing Pandathe Dabbing Panda2 kun oldin
  • Bell's Bathwater? Nah Michael's beard? Fuck yeah!

    micanikkomicanikko2 kun oldin
  • Can someone put clips from this video out of context? Thanks.

    cobb1ecobb1e2 kun oldin
    • Clips of hair lol

      cobb1ecobb1e2 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or have I seen the same video months ago?

    spitspit2 kun oldin
  • What % of proceeds from the Curiosity Box goes to Alzheimer's research?

    John DoeJohn Doe2 kun oldin
  • He is the first man I have ever seen that actually looks older without his facial hair.😕

    Butter GurlsButter Gurls2 kun oldin
  • *Who the f is this guy * Was my first reaction

    Jas ThaJas Tha2 kun oldin
  • Missed opportunity to call it the 'Pube Cube'

    DJ LimelonDJ Limelon2 kun oldin
  • No way this is real

    SquidwardTentaclesSquidwardTentacles2 kun oldin
  • his beard is beautiful and all but i dont think i want it in my house…

    mac slapssmac slapss2 kun oldin
    • Same lmao

      DeadliestToastDeadliestToast2 kun oldin